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    D&D General Gameplay Trailer of 5E-Powered Solasta: Crown of the Magister Video Game

    Of course something awesome like this is coming about after I give up video games. Bah! Good luck with the kickstarter!
  2. DM Howard

    D&D 5E New Eberron Book Details From WotC

    I don't think I'll be doing Eberron for a while, it's one of those settings that I like so much I don't think I could do it justice. I'll be buying this day one at my LGS to show WotC that there is a market for setting books.
  3. DM Howard

    Dark mode?

    I can't wait to have dark mode back. All the white is absolutely painful.
  4. DM Howard

    D&D 5E What's Your Table Look Like?

    I don't mean your actual table, but rather whether you use a mat or not? Do you use miniatures, tokens, or even spare change? Do you go full on theater of the mind or some combination? Do you use some method I'm not even thinking of? I tend to use a mixture of theater of the mind and the D&D...
  5. DM Howard

    WotC Baldur's Gate III Announced; Powered by D&D 5E

    I'm optimistic, but I think they should have just called it something else.
  6. DM Howard

    DMs Guild The Jilted Quill - DMs Guild Reviews - Updated on Mondays

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, dave!
  7. DM Howard

    DMs Guild The Jilted Quill - DMs Guild Reviews - Updated on Mondays

    Hello all, It has been quite a while since I had to put the fledgling Jilted Quill on hiatus, but I have a little more free time in my life (despite a baby girl coming in April) and I'd like to see if there is any interest in reviving my Jilted Quill reviews. The format will remain largely...
  8. DM Howard

    D&D 4E In Defense of 4E - a New Campaign Perspective

    Thanks for the links. :) I'll definitely need to give it a go with those tables if I can wrangle some friends into it, but I've been thinking about resurrecting the Jilted Quill so I'm not sure I'll have the time.
  9. DM Howard

    D&D 4E In Defense of 4E - a New Campaign Perspective

    Hmm, interesting! I wish I had known about that revised table at the time. Color me intrigued. I still like to use Skill Challenges in 5E, so I'm interested to hear what alterations you are thinking about.
  10. DM Howard

    D&D 4E In Defense of 4E - a New Campaign Perspective

    I really enjoyed 4E, I would say the only issues I really had were: Properly creating a sense of threat for the player characters. The PCs became so good at what they did, both in use of their stats, equipments, abilities, and tactics that became very hard to put the fear of God into them. I...
  11. DM Howard

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Sidekicks

    This could also be useful to run simplified henchman that can become that player's next character a la Knights of the Dinner Table.
  12. DM Howard

    DDAL DDAL: Is It Organized Enough?

    Do you think D&D Adventurers League is organized enough? One could argue that the free-form nature of DDAL has been what has led to it's success, but it seems hard to ignore the lack of structure compared to something like Pathfinder Society in terms of centralized reporting and general...
  13. DM Howard

    Flipping the Table: Did Removing Miniatures Save D&D?

    I think it comes down to how you learn. There are visual learners and there are non-visual learners. I bet there is a correlation in there somewhere.
  14. DM Howard

    Pathfinder 2E Paizo Announces Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    Meh. Ancestry. . .I needed a good laugh today! :) Good luck to Paizo and their fans though, I hope it is a success. *Goes back to his AD&D books that are older than he is* ------------- Edit: On further reflection, I'm being a bit of a jerk. In all honesty, I will probably pre-order the...