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Recent content by Doc_Klueless

  1. Doc_Klueless

    Who is the quintessential D&D artist?

    James Holloway. He injected a lot of humor into things. Especially the Desert of Desolation series.
  2. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E Our new character creation tool was funded in 48 minutes on Kickstarter!

    Maybe I'm reading the campaign wrong. But it seems that in the tiers where you get the physical book that you don't get the PDF unless you go with the 150 or 250 pound options. Is this right? Because it seems weird.
  3. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E Which Virtual Table Top are you using right now and what do you like best about it?

    I'm currently using FG (used to be on Roll20). I prefer FG just because of a few things: 1. I've bought into the ecosystem. I own LOTS of FG modules, games, etc. 2. I've been using it for many years so I don't have to 'think' when I play in it. FG just sorta fades into the background. Like when...
  4. Doc_Klueless

    Savage Pathfinder Pathfinder Adventure Paths Are Coming To Savage Worlds!

    “Prepare thyselves, adventurers!" "Next Tuesday, January 19th, at the appointed hour (Noon Eastern Time), the gates to the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Kickstarter will swing wide!"
  5. Doc_Klueless

    The 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs of 2021

    Yahoo for Pathfinder for Savage Worlds!
  6. Doc_Klueless

    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    Oh, yeah. I guess my number 3 would be sorta like this. I'd recently gone through my harddrive to organize my RPG stuff. I honestly and literally have enough adventures that it would take me 10+ years of 2-3 hour weekly sessions to run them all. Sooo... Stop buying/collecting adventures.
  7. Doc_Klueless

    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    To stop buying new RPGs. I always... ALWAYS gravitate back to one of three systems: Savage Worlds, D&D (currently 5e) and 2d20. Whenever I buy another RPG system, it inevitably becomes a waste of money. Stop buying new genres for the games systems I enjoy. Savage Worlds is my biggest weakness...
  8. Doc_Klueless

    Paizo [Golarion] [Pathfinder-adjacent] World Prepping for Rise of the Runelords - Savage Worlds

    As has been mentioned previously, Pinnacle will be putting out a Savage Worlds conversion of Rise of the Runelords. I have a gap in my reading schedule and thought I'd prep Golarion in my brain beforehand. But I find I'm confused on where in the Timeline RotRL falls and what campaign book I...
  9. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E Has D&D Combat Always Been Slow?

    No. If an individual player isn't paying attention, that's the inattentive player's fault. The DM has enough on their plate than to hold the hands of each individual player. Now, if the group is bored and not paying attention, then it's possibly the DMs fault. No. That's the player's fault...
  10. Doc_Klueless

    Savage Worlds advertised on Hulu? Yes.

    RPG advertising through more-ish mainstream media? Yes, yes it is. PEG just ran an advert for Savage Worlds on Hulu. Holy Moly, how the world has changed on me.
  11. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General For the Love of Greyhawk: Why People Still Fight to Preserve Greyhawk

    I played a Tiefling in PRECISELY because they are viewed with a mixture of curiosity and fear in Saltmarsh. It opened up realms of roleplaying for me: Gaining the communities trust, etc. If it'd been the bland mishmash you're proposing it should have been, it would have killed that for me. When...
  12. Doc_Klueless

    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    So, the Mandalorian Season 2 premier on on October 30th. That got me to break out my 1e and 2e R&E WEG Star Wars books. I'd forgotten just how brilliant 1e was (especially if you go from the view point that it came out in 1987! It's over 30 year old!!). Oh, sure. It had some quirks and a few...
  13. Doc_Klueless

    How do you feel about learning new rule systems?

    Once upon a time, I was a system junky. I'd play games just to try new systems. As the years passed, it happened less and less as I found fewer and fewer groups who either 1) played a different system or b) were willing to play another system. When 5e came out, it was a chore for me to slog...
  14. Doc_Klueless

    What's the most expensive RPG product you've bought?

    Single purchase? Savage Worlds Essentials Box set. Granted, I've spent waaaay more than that on D&D over the years. But not on a single purchase/item sort of thingy.
  15. Doc_Klueless

    The road yet taken; old timers: what is your White Whale setting?

    Deadlands. Never had a group that would play it and, especially, not run it so I could play. Six-guns and Sorcery. Sweet b-jeze. A pairing made in my imagination heaven.