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    D&D 5E The Fall Of The Dwarves: What Races Do People Actually Play?

    I see the overlap for sure, but for me I always thought of dwarves more like proud warriors with a clan structure and a strong sense of honour. Kinda like lawful good Klingons who sometimes invented cannons.
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    D&D 5E Exploring Eberron's Map of the Planes

    One really important thing to know about Eberron’s planes is that they move in cycles, like orbits. Occasionally they touch the material plane directly. When they’re close to the material plane, they have stronger effects, and weaker effects when they’re at their furthest. Each plane has its own...
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    D&D 5E WotC's Jeremy Crawford on D&D Races Going Forward

    (I haven’t read all 500 replies in this thread. Sorry if this has been addressed.) Let me start by saying I have nothing less than 100%, full-throated support for the BLM movement and its objectives. Is it appropriate to rewrite “bad guy” monsters to always be nuanced like this? It seems like...
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    Onyx Path Cancels LegendLore Kickstarter Partway Through Citing COVID-19

    This should go without saying, but at this point everyone’s goal should be to STAY. THE. (HELL). HOME. Don’t go to your comic store. It’s not worth it! This is how we’re gonna beat this thing: slow down the rate of new infections until a treatment is devised. Wash your hands often and...
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    D&D 5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros Now Has a Description (& Pre-orders) [UPDATED]

    TBH I think this is just the next cross-branding effort. WotC knows it has tons of MtG fans (and it’s growing by huge numbers too), and they want to swing more of those sales to D&D. GGR was a successful book, and you’re right, there’s a thematic gap in D&D for classical/antiquity-themed...
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    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Four New Subclasses

    Based on 5E thus far, I think it’ll be all of this, except just one book.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Diversity in D&D Third Edition

    Just outta curiosity, can you add a Like option that’s both laughing and sadness, so that I can respond appropriately to your observation? I’m struggling to impart the correct emotion while I agree with you.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Diversity in D&D Third Edition

    Eberron sort of avoided this question altogether by not really having any parts of it traceable to a “real-world” equivalent. In this way, basically any appearance could be suitable for a human. If there is a “fantasy Asia” in Eberron, it’s probably Riedra, but that’s a tenuous connection at...
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    D&D 5E 'Adventure With Muk' Is Another D&D Extra Life Charity Release

    Typo above! Looks like “Adventures with Muk” got autocorrected to “Adventures with Mum”.
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    D&D 5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War Table of Contents

    How different was the UA one from the XGtE version? Because it seems like a major design failure that the XGtE version is supposed to be a storm barbarian but can’t make a character like Thor (arguably the most recognizable storm barbarian character in media).
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    D&D General Elder Brains & Stalagmites: New D&D Minis

    In a few ways, quality has improved—that first set of minis was pretty awful in terms of paint quality. Things have definitely gotten better than that since then. Second, WizKids is a separate company. Even though the two product lines are clearly related, they are separate products by separate...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3E and the Feel of D&D

    Halfings. :poop:
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    EN World About 'Fake' Promotional Posts

    This is a strange thing to post. Are you a spammer? Are you preparing to commence spamming?
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    D&D General The Sales of D&D vs. AD&D vs. AD&D 2nd Edition

    I feel like that’s probably true, especially in the pre-internet/social media days, when trends took much longer to bubble to the top of public consciousness. Now we know what trends are because there are tons of people whose whole business is in posting about it.
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    D&D General The Sales of D&D vs. AD&D vs. AD&D 2nd Edition

    I didn’t see the word “fad” in this article, but D&D was a fad between 1979-1983, right?