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    5E Grappling a Gladiator or Planatar (HELP!)

    Hello wonderful people of EnWorld! Can an enemy break a grapple using their multiattack to perform the shove attack option as one of their attacks? Now I've read around and even saw Mike Mearls' opinion on this and I do agree the answer is No (though he does say there are some case to case...
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    Drak's 5e Character Sheet

    That does look nice. I wanted to keep the lines separated as this would allow a user more customization on a very customization capable page. I also wanted to leave the option to separate things by color as well. For example on my own character sheet I am multiclass'd as a ranger and a rogue. So...
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    Drak's 5e Character Sheet

    I have just uploaded Drak's 5e Character Sheet to the downloads area. PLEASE RATE MY CHARACTER SHEET AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK. I'D LOVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK! Hello, I created this character sheet, because Forged Anvil's was just a bit much for my iPad to handle on it's own as the Excel...
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    Drak's 5e Character Sheet 1