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    V&V3: Mighty Protectors system for Foundry VTT

    Last night I released version 1.0, which among numerous other tweaks and enhancements now includes support for vehicle sheets!
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    Recommend a Virtual Tabletop (VTT), 2022 Edition

    Foundry is the best fit I've found for the things I want to do. At the time I started looking for a VTT to run my own campaigns & one-shots with, I'd been playing several regular games (5e and Mighty Protectors) on R20 and working on a revamp of the available character sheet for MP.... but I...
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    Payn's Ponderings^ Sci-Fi VTT Maps

    On my blog I maintain several lists of resources for superhero-themed gaming (because that's what got me started back into the hobby a few years ago) which have more or less evolved into "stuff that's not all fantasy all the time because fantasy resources are easy to find" and have a lot of SF...
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    D&D General ARcana -- Augmented TTRPG Platform from Actor Joe Manganiello

    I play mostly by VTT these days but when I do get around a table with non-virtual people, I'm very much pencil-and-paper (and maps and terrain and minis for scenes that lend themselves to them)... having a bunch of devices at the table seems cumbersome and immersion-breaking. I get annoyed when...
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    I'm writing an indie diceless TTRPG, want to check it out?

    I think that's sort of how Cavemaster works, except the resources are a small handful of rocks or shells or whatever other small objects are available. (I own a copy but haven't taken time to wrap my head around the dice-less mechanic enough actually try the game out.)
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    3D Tools Reviews

    Beta keys went out this week for the Dragon Map Maker kickstarter. I've only had a few minutes to play with it but in its initial state I couldn't even follow along with the demo video to figure out how to use it even at the fairly basic level of drawing out separate rooms. (There was an...
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    D&D General Your opinions & suggestions on VTT's

    There are lots of VTTs with their own pros and cons but the only one I'm aware of that can be coerced into doing something similar to what TTS does is Foundry, and that's via a user-developed 3d plugin. It looks like there's still a fair amount of work involved in getting a scene up and...
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    V&V3: Mighty Protectors system for Foundry VTT

    Most of the games I run these days are online via Foundry and I wanted to play Mighty Protectors there too, so I built a system for it: Mighty Protectors for FVTT Project page is here: Villains and Vigilantes 3 - Mighty Protectors | Foundry Virtual Tabletop With some examples and...
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    Funny character names

    In my Mighty Protectors campaign I'm incapable of taking NPCs entirely seriously, which has resulted in heroes and villains like: Captain Generica - Used to operate under a different name but got sued into oblivion by a comic company. Now in order to make ends meet, his battle cry is the URL...
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    Science Fiction: Greatest TV Shows Part III

    1. Babylon 5 2. Galactica reboot (though I wasn't fond of the way it ended) 3+ - a hodge-podge of other stuff whose order would probably vary depending on my mood and which one I'd watched most recently. ST:TNG and DS9 are in there somewhere but not the rest of the Treks (though I don't share...
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    Looking for some alternate VTTs

    You're going to have trouble on any system if you're trying to build a home-brew-ish character sheet with a lot of automation but limited coding. I'm most familiar with Foundry and myself and a friend have both been looking into ways to use it for Mighty Protectors. He's had some luck...
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    Free Stuff During The Pandemic!

    More STL freebies:
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    Free Stuff During The Pandemic!

    From a mini-painting FB group, one of the 3d modelers is giving away a set of monster STL files that normally goes for $25. Use coupon code ""StayHomeAndPrint"
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    The official EN World puppy/doggo thread

    We tried trimming my dog with a set of those electric clippers, but the sound freaked her out and had her lunging at the clippers trying to run off with them. So... careful scissors-trimming it is. She's pretty calm about it and we haven't had any problems. Usually we can cut the outer edge...
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    Hot wire foam cutter?

    I love my Proxxon, especially with the Shifting Lands circle cutter jig and "Guider Pro". That said, there's a lot that can be done with the right blade. I'm at work right now where YouTube is blocked so I can't look up the specific video to link, but if you look for a channel called "Bard's...