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Recent content by DWChancellor

  1. DWChancellor

    D&D 5E Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)

    Addendum: I've used tons of creatures from the Tomb of Beasts and Creature Codex (and one was my submission from the KS!) and I love them. They are a little wonky but that is what makes the game fresh again. I'd love to see more of Matt Colville's ideas in monster manuals as he's the only one...
  2. DWChancellor

    D&D 5E Kobold Press (and are they the new Paizo?)

    I've DM'd, played, and bought tons of Kobold Press so that's my background here. Kobold Press has been in operation for a very long time. I don't see them being the new Paizo because, honestly, they don't have the business chops Paizo's founder Lisa does. But... Their materials are...
  3. DWChancellor

    Roll20's Latest Report Shows Growth Everywhere!

    I wonder how many of the systems at the bottom of the list are just the designers testing them.
  4. DWChancellor

    Alien RPG Pre-order Starter Set & Colonial Marines Adventure

    I've always wondererd how an Aliens game would really work in most rulesets, but Year Zero Engine is perfect for this kind of game. A perfect example of mechanics make the game work.
  5. DWChancellor

    Making Tokens for VTT

    Amazing what a little editing can do to Ezren!
  6. DWChancellor

    D&D 5E I made a trailer!

    Hey, that's pretty good! I like it. It feels a little long; I blame TikTok for addling my brain.
  7. DWChancellor

    WH40K Wrath & Glory Is Here!

    You're probably right that I'm off on the tone. But I can't agree with you that learning new rulesets being "hard" is a "myth." Maybe learning new rules is easy for you. Maybe it is easier for people who comment on Enworld in general. Out in the "world" I find it is pulling teeth to get...
  8. DWChancellor

    WH40K Wrath & Glory Is Here!

    There are a lot of harsh feeling here for people being "wussy" about learning new rules. Here's a truth: how often do players do something new/different WITHIN a ruleset (barbarian/barbarian/two-handed barbarian/two-handed fighter)? Most people like familiarity. My most successful campaign...
  9. DWChancellor

    D&D General Eberronspace (Or: Connecting Eberron to the rest of the D&D Multiverse)

    A "canon" FR bible has been mentioned as being maintained at WOTC. Though they seem to use it more for keeping track of what/when than enforcing consistency.
  10. DWChancellor

    D&D General Eberronspace (Or: Connecting Eberron to the rest of the D&D Multiverse)

    Keith Baker has mentioned numerous times that Eberron is in the multiverse but is somewhat sealed off from it. If you've seen the trailer for Baldurs Gate III you'd also notice a very Nautiloid encounter right in FR. Baldurs Gate, of course, had Minsc's miniature giant space hamster. So it is...
  11. DWChancellor

    WH40K Wrath & Glory Is Here!

    I loved Cubicle 7's AIME and I hope to try out Wrath and Glory sometime. The network effect with d20 and DnD is huge though. Best support, richest ecosystem, most players who are willing to read the actual rules. That's been the biggest stumbling block on trying other systems. People get...
  12. DWChancellor

    How to Play VTTs Like a Boss

    There is a lot of good advise here. Playing online can be a huge jump for people who aren't used to it. And silent clues when players are having trouble can be hard to pick up on in person let alone online. I understand the whole part about being careful about spending too. It feels like...
  13. DWChancellor

    Tales from the Loop, Middle-earth, and Free League Interview with Tomas Härenstam

    This is a very interesting company. The Tales from the Loop rules are incredibly evocative while the production quality of their products is incredible. I look forward to seeing more on both. I do wonder what Simon Stalenhag is up to nowadays. He used to publish regularly on his art-blog...
  14. DWChancellor

    Game Distributors Closing Down; RPG Publishers Affected

    I'm building up a list for if/when my local store opens back up. They barely survived the last recession.
  15. DWChancellor

    Starfinder Starfinder: Near Space Review

    @Derren Would it be fair to say Starfinder is more pulp sci-fi than hard? I'm thinking more Barsoom and Buck Rodgers. Honestly Pathfinder's Golarion has a lot of, uh, interesting sociological and practical questions too as they shoe-horned in societies ranging from hunter-gatherer to...