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Recent content by Eccles

  1. Eccles

    QR codes in books?

    For my two pence, then (a) there ought to be a link to a resources webpage somewhere in the book. If that's accompanied by a qr code, fine. I have a smart-ish phone and a tablet, and have no qr code reader on either. Probably something to do with bandwidths and the tablet not having anything...
  2. Eccles

    A Pathfinder optimization competition?

    As the guy about to run a 1st level pathfinder campaign for you, should I be concerned?
  3. Eccles

    UK Game Stores Band Together To Ban Alleged Bully [Updated]

    For the record, the maximum penalty for a S.5 public order offence is a fine. At the upper limit it's capped at £1,000. Not the 6 months in custody quoted by the games stores. Assuming the lad involved in this case is under 18 and not in work, then there's no way that he would be expected to pay...
  4. Eccles

    Do You Read This News?

    I have only 'discovered' the news page post-hack. For some reason it didn't appeal to me before. Most informative, and the research is appreciated. Would probably be hard to call ENWorld a 'news' site without it...
  5. Eccles

    Too much Cthulhu and Dread have come back to bite me

    I work as a prosecutor in the UK. The other week I was cycling home when my mobile rang. A colleague had just watched a video of someone attacking someone with an "old weapon" of some kind, and had to describe it to me. Apparently I'm the go-to prosecutor for naming feudal weapons. (It was a...
  6. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    The farm was a series of low white painted buildings next to the road. A long garden sloped up away from the driveway to the left of the house, and a woman in her mid-fifties leaned on her hoe as the van pulled up and the three operatives decamped. “Excuse me,” smiled Morag up at the woman...
  7. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    The next witness, Jane Frobisher, lived with her husband in a farm three miles out on the other side of Beccles. As Mills drove the van through the centre of the town, there was an alarmed yelp from Norman in the makeshift laboratory in the back. He was pressed up against one of the small side...
  8. Eccles

    Enslaving the Undead

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you are commanding an undead constantly to be your thrall, it might have to follow your instructions, but it doesn't have to like it, does it? And you're talking about doing this long term to an intelligent life-force draining entity? Dear grief, I hope your...
  9. Eccles

    EN Publishing Blog: ZEITGEIST, Pathfinder, and Alien Madness

    Colour me disturbed... So it starts off Steampunk and within 3 modules you're actually playing Cthulu? I've read the PC handbook (but am being good about the rest as we may play it soon enough). There's no mention of "You're going to end up fighting eldritch otherworldly monstrosities which will...
  10. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    The file was comprehensive, and with it finding the address was simple. Knocking on the door, it was answered by a small woman with a cigarette dangling from her mouth. “Whaddyawant,” it came out as one word, and the cigarette wobbled up and down violently as she looked up at the three...
  11. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    The central feature of the brick-lined lockup cavern was the camper van. It was off white, probably thirty years old, and had a dried out old wasp-nest hanging from the doorframe. To one side of the van stood a folding table littered with boxes, and a single set of footprints in the thick dust...
  12. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    Some hours later, and the white security van had pulled away to return to the prison. Shackles had been removed and tea provided. Ramrod straight, CSM Mills stood wearing clothes which might have fitted him five years earlier next to two complete strangers in a darkened room. On his left a tired...
  13. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    Twenty minutes after that, the General called back to the minister to tell him that his papers deemed all first contact scenarios to be the concern of the government, and that the single file he had on the issue required the point of contact to be under the codename of ‘Burnplank’. .oOo. Forty...
  14. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    Running footsteps were heard in an empty Whitehall corridor, as the night-shift researcher ran from the computer room to wake the dozing senior in his office with a single word. “Aliens,” she gasped breathlessly. .oOo. Within thirty minutes, a flurry of phone calls had woken a number of civil...
  15. Eccles

    Our Island Skies

    This was a one-off we played through recently. It comes with the following certification: 18 Certificate. Contains frequent strong language, scenes of drug use and violence. Still interested? Then let us begin...