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    News Digest for the Week of November 20

    My last did start off snarkily and I apologize for the lack of civility. Of course that's me paraphrasing. If you accept my assertion that the two statements are not equivalent and were to read through the quoted sections of the filing with that in mind, I fail to see how one can find any...
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    News Digest for the Week of November 20

    Obviously too long for you to read either. There is no admission in the quoted sections and I believe section 64 (not quoted in the post you linked) amounts to GF9 denying that their sublicensors caused the breaches that WotC alleges. Saying "if there was a breach, then our actions remedied it"...
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    News Digest for the Week of November 20

    The above quotes (from Tenkars Taverns coverage of the lawsuit) seem to indicate that GF9 is saying there was no breach. The only source I have for the filing is at the above link, if there's a better source please point it out to me.
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    News Digest for the Week of November 20

    I'm not sure that GF9 have admitted any breach. Going by the information posted on Tenkar's Tavern, GF9 are trying to get a ruling that they are not in breach.
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    General Ed Greenwood's Original Forgotten Realms Map

    I'm pretty sure this is the photocopied map that Ed Greenwood sent to TSR. The labels "To Halruaa" and "To Semphar" are redundant on this map, but Halruaa and Semphar were left off the original published maps and those labels pointed off the edge of the map.
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    Annotated Sorcerer

    I've haven't seen any mention of this here. There's a kickstarter for a new version of Ron Edward's Sorcerer running. Enworld won't let me link to it though - kickstarter.com/projects/847190685/sorcerer-upgrade