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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist/Crypta Hereticarum question [SPOILER]

    The PCs can find the Third Blade during chapter 8. During the memory-event "Srasama's Fall" outside of Alais Primos, if the PCs rush over to the bonfires at the edges of the clearing, they can make a Charisma check (DC 25, at least for the 4e version) after grabbing the sword in the middle of...
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    ZEITGEIST Polyhistor cheat sheet

    After one of my players expressed some frustration at the complexity of the Polyhistor paragon path, I got inspired to make a one-page reference guide to try to make it easier. Note that I did take some liberties with the path... I renamed some effects to make them a little more accurate...
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    ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

    Chapter 0 - I can't be sure, but is "Elfaivar" supposed to sound like "L5R," or rather "Legend of the Five Rings"? Chapter 5 - There is a Player Handout which acts as a dossier for the heroes at the start of the adventure; Attachment PN16a is authored by someone from the Slate RHC's "SCP...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist - Druids and flying

    From the expanded ZG Player's guide, page 4: So as long as their bird (or winged-druid) form is Medium size or smaller, they can fly using wings. I'm not versed in Pathfinder, but looking at the Totem Transformation feature, the granted fly speed should work just fine, unless the druid is...
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    Hewanharimau and the Sacrament

    My group's just finished their second session in Chapter 8, Diaspora. This point hasn't come up at the table, but it's something I wondered about: is there any connection to the ancient story of Hewanharimau and the Demonocracy's Sacrament of Apotheosis? I mean, a god appears in the mortal...
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    Flint/Populist Prestige

    My group just finished Chapter 7, and after updating their Prestige level with various groups, I noticed their Flint (or Populist) Prestige was looking pretty low. After a cursory glance through the Act 1, 2, and 3 pdfs (4e), mainly at the 'Rewards' section at the beginning of each Chapter...
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    Page 5 of the extended Pathfinder Zeitgeist Player's Guide had its own writeup for the eladrin race, which included the ability to teleport 30 ft as a move action, once per day. You can find the guide available for free download here. Eladrin in 5e can teleport as well--if you're having trouble...
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    Missing Planer [sic] Tiles

    Is there any plan to include Jiquus, Regulus, and Patricalus in tile form so they can be used alongside the others during the final encounter of Zeitgeist's final chapter?
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    Improvised (partial) Colossus mini!

    So imagine the look on my parents' faces when I asked them to find me a mannequin head for my birthday. Here's what I ended up getting... https://smile.amazon.com/Male-Head-Styrofoam-Graphite-Gray/dp/B009PDFLH0/ref=sr_1_5?s=arts-crafts&ie=UTF8&qid=1477677243&sr=1-5&keywords=gray+mannequin+head...
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    Oh, sorry - I meant the Hardcover Compilation kickstarter, due to its $32k stretch goal.
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    Will this (eventually) be delivered to KS backers as well, as per the stretch goal?
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    ZEITGEIST Seeking ZEITGEIST fanart

    Not sure if it counts, but a player of mine had a custom illustration commissioned of their character. Probably would need permission from the original artist to publish it, I suppose? Let me know if you're interested in that and I'll track that info down for you...
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    Return to the Vault: Angelic Rescue

    Not really a question (though tips or advice are welcome), just a story I wanted to share from my table from last session. (Behold my player's custom-commissioned illustration). ^ This is Kida, elven monk/seeker and Vekeshi Mystic. She hates the Clergy (note her brooch: a hook jabbed through...
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    Cry Out

    Something I've been wondering about, not sure if it came up in a previous thread... Twice, the party comes across the following "poem," once on the skull of the dragon Cheshimox, and once on the stock of Kvarti's rifle (supposedly carved from a giant's thigh-bone): "Cry out for at the end of...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist epic destinies?

    Here's one I designed for one of my players (untested, we're still in Paragon Tier). It's called Perfect Construct, and it's largely a reskin of Perfect Self, but with some stuff replaced. You are now designing your greatest invention: Yourself. Prerequisites Technologist theme. When you...