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  1. Elodan

    Old timers?

    Been around since it was Eric Noah 3rd preview site. Been lurking ever since.
  2. Elodan

    How many Aliens marines can you name without looking it up?

    Hudson Hicks Vasquez Deitrich Frost Apone Gorman (the LT) Spunkmeyer Crowe
  3. Elodan

    TV Series: Avenue 5

    I watched it twice. The first time I was kinda “meh“. The second time I caught a lot more of the subtler jokes and am looking forward to the next episode. I loved, “Listen to the words I’m saying, not the tone of my voice.”
  4. Elodan

    5E What’s the highest level character you’ve played in 5E?

    We finished up our longest running D&D campaign ever earlier this year. Played my character from level 1 - 17. Epilogue coming and characters will be level 18. This was very much the exception to the rule. I can count on my hand the number of my characters that survived to double digits in...
  5. Elodan

    Order your Star Wars films

    A New Hope Empire Strikes Back Rogue One Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Sith The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Attack of the Clones Solo The Phantom Menace
  6. Elodan

    PF2E Intro adventure?

    Thanks. I was hoping for something that would sort of explain the rules without having to read a lot of the SRD.
  7. Elodan

    PF2E Intro adventure?

    Anyone know if there’s an intro adventure for Pathfinder 2E for groups who want to give it a try with minimal (or no) investment? Looking for something with pre-gens that highlights the system (particularly the improvements). Thanks.
  8. Elodan

    Looking for Marvel trade recommendations

    After Avengers: Endgame I'm looking to pick some Marvel TPBs. I'm finding the current renumbering and reorganizing of the comics line to be confusing. Looking for good, more modern story lines that don't require a ton of knowledge about what came before I'm particularly interested in...
  9. Elodan

    PF2E Game Modes, Bestiaries, and Death in Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    Is there any reason they need to call the move action stride and the attack action strike aside from alliteration? It just irks me for some reason. Still interested to see where PF2 is going.
  10. Elodan

    PF2E Leveling Up

    http://paizo.com/community/blog/v5748dyo5lklr?Leveling-Up I 'm guessing that class abilities are now class feats. Seems like a lot of feats to keep track of.
  11. Elodan

    What are you reading - Sep 2017

    New month. Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher. Finished it out of stubbornness. I not really sure what the point of the story was. Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch. Excellent urban fantasy. A new London constable finds himself talking to a ghost at the murder scene and eventually finds...
  12. Elodan

    What are you reading [Jul 2017]?

    New month, new thread. Didn't do a great job updating last month's thread so here's a a catch up. I finished - Silent Hall by NS Dolkart. I finished it, just to finish it. Each chapter presented a different character's point of view but if I didn't read who it was at the beginning of the...
  13. Elodan

    What are you reading [Jun 2017]?

    Another month, another thread. Going to catch up with what I read since I last posted, I read Bound by Benedict Jacka (the 8th Alex Verus novel). Another good read. While there's a lot happening, it sometimes feels like the story isn't moving forward. These is supposed to be the...
  14. Elodan

    Alternity Kickstarter - Less than 38 hours left

    As of this post there are about 38 hours left to go. They've met their funding goal and a lot of the stretch goals. They're less than $5,000 from a second setting stretch goal. ​
  15. Elodan

    What are you watching [May 2017]?

    I'm currently watching Doctor Who Samurai Jack Archer: Dreamland The Flash Agents of Shield Big Bang Theory Elementary Just discovered Rick and Morty and am just starting season two. On Netflix, I just finished re-watching Young Justice and am about halfway through the revival on MST3K...