I've been playing D&D since 1983. I DM mostly and I'm very old school playstyle. I tend to run fun campaigns that are loved by my players. I do though pick my players carefully and avoid those whose views aren't in accord with mine.

I'm a worldbuilder. I always develop very deep worlds with interesting Gods, NPCs, and plots. I'm sandbox all the way. I want my players to have freedom within the environment I've created.

I like to think that I'm a nice guy and I'm respectful of other people's views and approaches. I am though on occasion known to lose my temper and respond unkindly. I don't hate anyone. I do like what I like and I'll defend my position and my preferences from attack.

I primarily play some variant of D&D. I liked each version successively until 4e which I tried for 16+ months but couldn't get into it. So far 5e is not looking to be my type of game either. Maybe 6e.

I have a blog at http://emerikolsscroll.blogspot.com/
Eastern Kentucky


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