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    ZEITGEIST Canal sequence-breaking

    My party did this, they actually made two forays into Bleak Gate before things got real (both between books #4 and #5). I used this as an opportunity to showcase the huge preparedness and resources of the Ob – but also the fact that they're not almighty and aren't prepared for every eventuality...
  2. Empirate

    ZEITGEIST [Zeitgeist] Hot Air Balloons and Kites

    Fun story time: on the Isle of Odiem in adventure 4 (Always on Time), my group's (already pretty heavily wounded) Halfling Gunslinger/Paladin actually tried to get to Ottavia on top of her tower with the help of some Buoyant Balloons. Hilarious mental image already. I warned him that he would be...
  3. Empirate

    ZEITGEIST Ekossigan Diplomacy

    My constables actually talked about this and arrived at the conclusion that, while Ekossigan's goals more or less chime with their own, they cannot let him live for three reasons: 1) He is a murderer, killing a boy and the druids at the orphanage, and 2) the king ordered them to execute him as a...
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    ZEITGEIST On the Wayfarer's Lantern

    My group planned to use the lantern for a raid on the Cauldron Hill complex in Bleak Gate, as well. Also before the adventure called on them to go. However, since I moved the Kell investigation up to take place in between Always on Time and Cauldron Born (playing it out in the form of a...
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    ZEITGEIST X-Men in Zeitgeist

    Nah, that's more Rock Rackus (whom my group soooo hates with a passion bordering on murderous intent!).
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    ZEITGEIST Ottavia Sacredote on The Isle of Odiem (Spoilers, maybe).

    This is our Halfling Gunslinger/Paladin, who is known for his crazy stunts. The player is actively looking into getting stuff done in the most awe-inspiring way possible, not necessarily in the most efficient. Earns him quite a bit of grit, which helps to compensate the crazy sometimes. But...
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    ZEITGEIST Ottavia Sacredote on The Isle of Odiem (Spoilers, maybe).

    In my campaign, Ottavia actually killed one of the PCs, who came up with the questionable plan of scaling the tower's outside with the help of some buoyant balloons – she popped them with a Sound Burst once he was close to the top, and he was already low on HP... Nevertheless, the other PCs...
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    ZEITGEIST X-Men in Zeitgeist

    Hi all, been a while since I ever posted on ENWorld, but the mood struck me again, so... ...are there actual Marvel characters in the Zeitgeist adventure path? So far, we've spotted Gale (=Storm), Leone Quital (=Magneto), Mr. Mapple (=Wolverine), and maybe Borne (=Colossus). The first two seem...
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    ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] Ekossigan, Adventure #5 and dark stuff in Zeitgeist (Spoilers. Obviously)

    I'm just about to wrap up the adventure with my group; they successfully stopped Ekossigan ONLY because I messed up the timeline... which was unintentional and led to a messy headspace there for a bit. :( As far as I know, my group never really found out what Ekossigan was planning to do with...
  10. Empirate

    ZEITGEIST The RHC audit - how to make the best out of a great premise

    I gave the party a chance to notice they were being tailed. Sure enough, the group's Inquisitor (we're playing the PF version) spotted her assigned tails, pushed them into a corner, and interrogated them. Which made the internal affairs guys pay extra attention, and look favourably on the...
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    3E/3.5 3.5 Looking for a template with no level adjustment that gives at least +1 to CON

    Intermediate Troll bloodline offers Con +1 at 6th level. That good? Bloodlines are not templates, and work a little differently - in effect you gain something that resembles a template with its level adjustment already bought off, by paying a bunch of XP during play. But since you're behind the...
  12. Empirate

    Lies: Rainbow Room puzzle

    Is my group retarded or is this puzzle not solvable? The violet control stone is blocked by a yellow wall!
  13. Empirate

    ZEITGEIST 1001 things PCs are totally allowed to do in Zeitgeist campaign

    71. Shoot two (!) critical bullets through Cillian Creed's head the first time they fight him (abandoned temple). The man with two guns is, indeed, god.
  14. Empirate

    Gale as a love interest?

    Aaaand another short question concerning my ongoing Zeitgeist campaign, currently nearing the end of Skyseer: one of the players had already expressed an interest in entangling himself in a romantic subplot. No problem usually, but his PC is a halfling gunslinger/paladin, and a. halflings have...
  15. Empirate

    Advanced Firearms?

    One of the players in my Pathfinder Zeitgeist campaign plays a Gunslinger/Paladin and has the Gunsmith background, as well. He is keen on getting an advanced firearm or three for his character. When do you suppose would be a good time to hand out those literal 'big guns'? We're nearing the end...