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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist and Roll20, any info?

    That is really exciting to hear!! I still have a bit to go for my current campaign but I’ve been looking into this one and having a fully fleshed out story done in Roll20 will be a lifesaver for me. The hundreds of hours of prep I put into my current campaign isn’t something I can keep up with...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist and Roll20, any info?

    I have two questions. One being new to discovering Zeitgeist for 5E is the story in published form complete? I also noticed they’re releasing content for Roll20, is that ongoing at a reasonable pace do we know or has it stalled out? I’d like to make that my next campaign once my current group...
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    D&D 5E Was the Rune Knight (in Tasha's) "over-nerfed"?

    People saying TCoE doesn't have power creep I think is a bit short sighted. I love the book don't get me wrong and I'll play a lot of what's in it but from the optimizing community the following things stand out: -Twilight Cleric, I don't think why this domain is super powerful requires much...