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    Hi all! My party is nearing our 2 year anniversary and is about to start adventure seven - SCHISM - and they've been having a BLAST. Wanted to do a shout out to all the threads on this forum that have helped me flesh out a lot as well as the writers of this AP - ESPECIALLY for taking the...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Advice Wanted: Cauldron Born

    Hi all! My players are about a session or two from entering the Bleak Gate and it is looking very likely that they'll be using the King's method of transportation. This means they'll have an extra thirty guards with them plus Asrabey and Grappa. I'm looking for advice on how other GMs may have...
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    [LFP] Pathfinder - Sunday 11am Eastern - ZEITGEIST: THE GEARS OF REVOLUTION

    Looking for one or two more experienced players to take part in Ryan Nock's amazing ZEITGEIST: THE GEARS OF REVOLUTION campaign. I have nothing against new players but we have two new players already in this campaign and that's my limit for now. I currently have four players and am looking for...