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Recent content by Falkus

  1. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Discoveries from the playtest of the ZEITGEIST setting book intro adventure

    I can safely say von Recklinghausen may well be the greatest NPC name I have seen in a module in my entire life.
  2. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Zeitvice: one GM's guide to the best AP

    This is particularly helpful; I'm about to start a 4e game of Zeitgeist; so thank you!
  3. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST The chronicles of Team Big-hearted And Determined (B.A.D.)

    Oh wow, you've really put a lot of work into it. That's amazing!
  4. Falkus

    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    Excellent news, my Saturday DM is going to be running this for our group :) I'm looking forward to playing my Mastermind Rogue now!
  5. Falkus

    WotBS [WotBS] 5ed. still a thing?

    Excellent news! I'm looking forward to running it for my group at work once we finish with Rise of Tiamat.
  6. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST [Unofficial] Zeitgeist timeline

    Very nice, this will come in handy!
  7. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Any plan for Epic Destinies on Zeitgeist?

    Isn't the AP going to top out at level 20 in Pathfinder?
  8. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST A Zeitgeist Playlist

    Oooh nice, I like the choices in there. I've been using the Arcanum Soundtrack for ambient music in my games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWjbWuXZA5w&list=PL4C09A3D352D273F1 . Appropriate, since Arcanum is what sparked my interest in Steampunk many, many years ago.
  9. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Fantasycrafting Zeitgeist?

    My pleasure. I love Zeitgeist and I love Fantasy Craft; they're a perfect match in my opinion. My group will be doing the finale of the second module in two weeks.
  10. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Fantasycrafting Zeitgeist?

    Both, actually. I use the Pathfinder system to get attributes; I use 4e for more flavorful inspiration about NPC and monsters special abilities.
  11. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Fantasycrafting Zeitgeist?

    Fantasy Craft is an excellent system that I'm using myself to run Zeitgeist. For backgrounds, I mostly turned them into flavor thermes, and gave characters bonus contacts for taking them. Other than that, the only thing you really have to do is convert the NPCs, which is a snap with FC's...
  12. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist: What do you use for inspiration?

    A major inspiration to my games was the old PC game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura
  13. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Adventure 9

    Heh, the benefits of running on maptools
  14. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Me, Ryan, and Thursty walk into a video interview about ZEITGEIST!

    I watched this the other day! I liked it, it was informative :)
  15. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Reloaded

    The city of Flint is the most advanced metropolis in the nation of Risur; having been selected as the central location for the push towards industrialization almost forty years previously. King Aodhan initially wanted the nation’s capitol to serve this role, but entrenched interests among...