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    5E Time to remake the Bard

    I like the current Bard just fine, but I do think a version built on the Warlock chassis could be very cool. I think I'd leave the spell selection alone for the most part. Patrons get swapped out for colleges (or whatever, although I think the basic notion of the colleges would work very well)...
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    5E Which Class is "The Best" - Your chance to VOTE!

    I went with Bard. I agree with the opinions upstream about the immense versatility of the class, and I like the range of flavours available via the colleges. The power gamer in me also enjoys the College of Lore. However, the real reason I voted Bard is that most of the off-piste character...
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    Unintended consequences from knife-throwing feature?

    It might be easier to just reword Crossbow Master, which already allows ranged attacks w/in 5 feet without disadvantage. Just change the additional BA from hand crossbow to dagger and you're pretty much set. Personally, I'd rather leave it a ranged attack and continue to be able to use Archery...
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    Unearthed Arcana: Cleric, Druid, Wizard Options

    I like the true names thing a lot. I don't know how useful it would be in a dungeon crawl, but it has the virtue of being different from the other Wizard types. It has flavor. Just don't ask lowkey13 what that flavor it is. :p The other two are cool too. Twilight especially, although I don't...
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    Saving the Bard

    The idea of party face is fine for an old school dungeon crawl campaign where the party is infrequently in towns for anything more than a heal and reload. I don't think that really applies to 5E generally though. There are 4 core classes that run on CHA, which means that all of them will be...
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    (5E) How to play Trickery Cleric?

    If the goal is to combine Friends and Disguise Self then a two level dip in Warlock might be the best answer. Then you get Disguise Self at will and Friends, plus some solid cantrips including the best ranged cantrip in the game. It's a little MAD, but Disguise Self at will makes me smile. I...
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    What is the essence of D&D

    Without feats? Yeah, DEX is where it's at for most builds. For the reasons listed above. The benefits you get going DEX more than make up for the relatively small downgrade in damage. I think DEX does too much really, but that's a whole different thread topic (and a topic that's been beaten to...
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    5E When do you think a character build concept reaches maturity?

    I voted for the 7-10 window. I do think there's a difference between MC and single class there though. A lot of single class builds really start to pick up steam and feel heroic between 5th and 7th level. This is where the melee guys rack up their second attack and a lot of other classes pick up...
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    5E PHB Errata Nerf Unarmed Strikes!? WHY??? :(

    Niche protection as an idea only flies here if we actually believe it's the case. I really don't think that changing the unarmed strike rules would hurt the monk, in fact, rather the opposite.
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    5E PHB Errata Nerf Unarmed Strikes!? WHY??? :(

    WotC's "clarification" of unarmed strikes is goofy. There's no other way to slice it. We can spitball reasons why they might have done it, and certainly give specific examples of situations where it might seem weird, but as part of the 5E rules set it's a steaming pile of trash. No second...
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    5E Quick Unarmed Strike question

    Yes, I know. I'm not suggesting that it does. I'm not sure what the confusion is.
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    5E Quick Unarmed Strike question

    Yeah, to be clear, we agree: the RAW does not allow an additional unarmed strike as part of TWF. Someone upstream was wondering why that's the case, which I think is a fair question given how low key that additional 1 point of damage is and how much sense the idea makes set next to other parts...
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    5E Quick Unarmed Strike question

    I think we're speaking at cross purposes. I am fully aware of how the TWF BA works, RAW. My point was that the main fallout of making unarmed strikes also eligible for that BA is that it would add a grapple attack to grapple builds, which they currently do not. Adding the extra punch is more...
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    5E Quick Unarmed Strike question

    Build a grappler? :p At least those rules work (maybe better than they should). Seriously though, I share your pain. There's no reason the unarmed rules shouldn't at least be functional, but they just aren't. You should be able to synergize unarmed strikes in pretty much any way you can another...
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    5E Quick Unarmed Strike question

    It makes no sense that you can't throw two punches. That second punch for most characters does what, a single point of damage with no mods? Not exactly earth shattering. That doesn't feel like stepping on the monk's toes too much. It would be a huge boost to grapple builds though, which might be...