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    Release Announcing The Gloom rpg for kids!

    The Gloom is now out in PDF on DrivethruRPG! The Gloom is a role-playing game for kids (and the kid-at-heart) where you play kids on spooky adventures. The rules are simple enough for kids, but meaty enough for grown-ups to enjoy too. For ages 6 and up. In The Gloom you play modern elementary...
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Author Tracy Hickman Has His DRAGONS OF DECEIT Advanced Copies!

    If they ever do a live action Dragonlance, they should definitely get Hasselhoff to play Tasselhoff.
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    Release Six Realms now available in print!

    Six Realms is now out in PDF and POD on DrivethruRPG! Six Realms is a role-playing game for kids by kids. It started out as a family project by a family that, like many families, was stuck inside due to the pandemic and needed something to do. The book contains everything you need to run...
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    Release Sci-Fi Player Races now available

    Sci-Fi Player Races is now out in PDF on DrivethruRPG! Sci-Fi Player Races is a book of playable races for the 5th edition rules of the world's most popular role-playing game. It contains 14 races, ranging from the weird to more archetypal science-fiction aliens. Although originally for the...
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    TSR TSR (2) Confirms TSR (3)'s Acquisition of Trademark (Updated!)

    I don't see why this is an either/or. You can still say "they were a product of their times, not necessarily evil, morals change, etc." and also say "from our perspective today what they did was terrible, so lets do better."
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    TSR TSR (2) Confirms TSR (3)'s Acquisition of Trademark (Updated!)

    I don't get why people are interpreting Wizard's mild disclaimer as hating on Gygax, his son included. As far as I can tell they have acknowledged and respect what he has done. You can still recognize someone for the great things they have done and criticize other things they have done that...
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    D&D 5E Warlock build advice...

    All of these suggestions gave me another idea: Take human variant with the magic initiate feat to get the find familiar spell and some utility cantrips, then go non-hexblade warlock with blade pact. I talked to the DM and he said he'd allow a psuedodragon familiar but he'd make me work for it.:)...
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    D&D 5E Warlock build advice...

    Thanks for all the input everyone! Lot of stuff to think about...Going with EK and asking the DM really nicely for a pseudodragon is something I didn't think about. I was actually thinking of being a Drow (sorry forgot to write that) for the darkvision and rapier proficiencies. Now though I'm...
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    D&D 5E Warlock build advice...

    Long time D&D player but first time playing 5e. (I've had the main books forever though so I'm pretty familiar with the rules and all.) Starting at 3rd level and I'm thinking of making a Warlock. I want to be fast Dex-based sword wielder, but I want to go with the archfey for flavory reasons...
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    Vin Diesel's D&D Birthday Cake

    Seeing that it's a 3rd edition cake, I doubt it is sponsored.
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    Advice for homebrew kids rpg

    Thanks! I'll take a look. The 7 year old seems to understand the rules okay. Yeah I don't expect the 3 year old to understand the rules. But gets totally into the story even though he doesn't understand everything that's going on. I'm not sure what you mean about the weird dice though. Do you...
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    Advice for homebrew kids rpg

    Hi there, I tried some different rpgs to play with my kids (2 boys, 3 and 7) and we weren't totally happy with any out now (looking forward to No Thank you evil though!). So I decided to make my own based on a campaign I made years ago. Basically you have 4 attributes--Strength, Speed, Smarts...
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    Vote for your "most anticipated" RPG of 2013

    I'd have to say Far West, though Numenera is close.
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    Dazed condition in racial power

    Actually now that I think about it, I'm not sure a gaze ability fits with the race since they are supposed to be telepathic. What about this? Encounter Psionic, Psychic Minor Action Ranged 6 Attack: Intelligence +2 vs. Will, Wisdom +2 vs. Will, Charisma +2 vs. Will Hit: 1d6...
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    Dazed condition in racial power

    I thought it might be... Pour. I like that idea! Thanks!