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    [OOC DISCUSSION] Daunton's Dead Past. DM: FourMonos

    I really like the idea of having an OOC thread to discuss any and all things so we don't weigh down the adventure thread. I know we are all still waiting for everyone who might be interested, but feel free to check in here.
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    [Adventure!] Daunton's Dead Past DM: FourMonos. Judge: Peer Committee

    ADVENTURE! Daunton's Dead Past Adventurer's: 1. Illarion Meriele, level 8 Sorcerer, Neurotic 2. Mikara Li Mesadh, level 7 Ranger, H.M.Gimlord 3. Drew Lucan, level 8 Monk, Metavoid. 4. Lilli, level 9 Wizard, Neil1889 5. Lerrick, level 8 cleric, dimsdale 6. Raiyek Meliam, level 11 Paladin, Lord...
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    [Tavern] Tower's Shard 2011

    Marshal Rikkert turns a cold stare to the kalashtar warlord. His right hand moves his tunic enough to display his House Deneith badge. Jayce directs a question back to Marshal Hilkalas, voicing it rather than thinking it, "Marshal Hilkalas? Where did you serve in the war?" I forgot to post...
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    Assassination 2: The Lost Children

    Adventure: Assassination 2: The Lost Children Characters: 1. Czern Belog, level 9 Knight, Defender 2. Chael, level 10 hybrid Battlemind/Druid, Defender/Leader 3. Alexia Madgearu, level 9 Bard, Leader 4. Malehan level 10 Avenger, Striker 5. Venakhad, level 10 Cleric, Leader 6. kal'Tarron...
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    Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad

    Adventure: Poisoned to the Core, DM FourMonos, Judge KarinsDad Characters: 1. River, level 11 shifter cleric 2. Rumbum, level 8 orc fighter 3. Muzdum Firebelly, level 8 dwarf fighter 4. Pok d'Sivis, level 9 gnome wizard 5. Amarande Vigoth, level 11 vryloka blackguard 6. Tondrek, level 11 half...
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    Assassination! DM: FourMonos Judge: Renau1g

    Adventure: Assassination! Characters: 1. Czern Belog, level 9 Knight, Defender 2. Chael, level 8 hybrid Battlemind/Druid, Defender/Leader 3. Alexia Madgearu, level 8 Bard, Leader 4. Malehan level 8 Avenger, Striker 5. Venakhad, level 7 Cleric, Leader 6. kal'Tarron Alrahain, level 6 Avenger...
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    Even Newer(er) Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man

    Artemis lets out a slow, low whistle after Phoenix's display. The human slowly stands, iron rod in his left hand. He grasps his right hand fingers into a fist and blade of darkness extends slowly from his hand. Despite it's darkness, the blade hums and glows with faint light. Motes of light...
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    Adventure: The Undead Hunter DM: FourMonos Judge: ??

    Adventure: The Undead Hunter Characters: 1. Kamotz: Lvl 5 Shifter Hybrid (Paladin/Cleric) (CaBaNa) Defender 2. Nathantiel: Lvl 6 Elf Druid (Walking Dad) Controller 3. Kruor: Lvl 1 Warforge Vampire (treex) Striker 4. Eloan: Lvl 6 Eladrin Warlord (Velmont) Leader 5. Illarion: Lvl 4 Changling...
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    The Kolloseaum: Team Gil's Conscience (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)

    Here's Artemis Hmm, usually that comes across as a picture. Let me know if that doesn't pull up the picture...
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    Lyram's Book--Aelwynn Recruiting a Leader

    After re-reading the background, I decided human made more sense. Since dwarves are rare and we already have one. At your leisure, enter "Tiqui" Hamosa, level 6 human rogue. She's not the type who would go into a military outpost voluntarily... ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D...
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    [Adventure] Artemis' Pact

    Cute-Hydra Hey buddy, I'm guessing you're busy with the invasion plans, just checking that you haven't forgot about us :) Artemis smiles as he puts on the white robe. "I don't know if I've ever looked this pure... I mean, like ever!"
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    Adventure: Protection (Mal Malenkirk)

    Artemis turns around, "Teabags? Seriously, I don't think I want tea again after that imagery." Artemis turns back to the hobgoblins and readies his shield and sword. Remember that I allow one ally to shift half their speed after initiative is rolled, before combat. This may allow a defender a...
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    Adventure: Protection (Mal Malenkirk)

    Artemis busts out of the tavern and steps to the front, "Hey ugly!" When all the hobgoblins look at him, he grins, "Yeah, I knew that would confuse you. I'm talking to the big one." "That is our tavern proprietor to abuse with our general inexperience, frequent vomiting, bad jokes, sexual...
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    Even Newer(er) Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man

    The doors burst open, quickly obvious that the man on the otherside kicked them then stood there. A handsome man, some of you recognize as Artemis, strides confidently into the bar. "I'm back my friends! Gil! Great to see you again! Where did Shi Ye go? I see some of you beat me back here...
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    Adventure: Into the Wild

    Let's see if this pulls up the picture I was using on VBM. If it doesn't work, feel free to use the male human #7, just a guy in a helmet. I'll wait on Mal's ruling on if Renquist was hit or not before posting