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I'm by stages; a hairdresser, a carer and an author. A lot of my time these days goes into developing Spirit; a sci-fantasy setting using the D&D rules system, though class building has turned out to take rather a long time. The setting has existed in previous incarnations; an awkward, clunky system that i came up with myself, which changed into d20 with the advent of 3.5, 4th Ed, and now the update to 5e.

In the past i have enjoyed GMing and playing many other RPGs inclucing: Cyberpunk, Traveller, MERP, Vampire - the dark ages, Vampire - the masquerade and Shadowrun. I have on occassion played some freeform, and LARP. I'm a Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 player with Eldar and Space Marines, Dark Elves and Slaanesh armies.

When i have spare time i enjoy writing prose and poetry, as well as a few short stories. I'm well read and enjoy a good novel of any genre.
East Anglia, UK




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