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  1. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D General Seeking DM Advice: Managing Extroverted Players

    We play online and at the start of the session we establish that session's talking order. When a new situation arises I do a quick once round getting 'I want to do' statements from everyone, then the actual action resolutions. Sometimes two characters conflict, like whether to kill a...
  2. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D General What have you done with Orcs in your games?

    I'm fine with the MM orc. They've appeared in our FR HotDQ game as evil mercenaries employed by the offshoot Cult of the Dragon. These mercenary orcs are still following Gruumsh's plan to push other races back to claim their share of territory - but this way they get paid and can maybe...
  3. FreeTheSlaves

    Worlds of Design: The Benefit of Experience

    I award 'adventuring day xp' to every character who completes the quest of that level. I pro-rata it for partial completion. I find a way to communicate the level of the quest, so that characters can choose their risk/reward. It's a decent drop of xp, rewards cooperative play, allows multiple...
  4. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D General Hero Forge in Color Is Open For Busniess!

    Nice attention to colour there. My daughter made me recolour her character too, it makes a difference. I'm generally a core books DM, but if a player brought a cool concept like the stuff we're seeing here, I'd allow it.
  5. FreeTheSlaves

    OSR How Do You Award XP?

    I assign a level to the quest undertaken or area explored, then use the adventuring day table to award xp. If not completed in one session (do aim for this though), I pro-rata the amount awarded. Up to the players how they achieve their goals, though the patron typically offers an obvious choice.
  6. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E Killed Me a Lawful Stupid Paladin

    I wonder if using third person in play would've helped? e.g. The Elf captain looks you up and down, then says 'I haven't the time for riff-raff such as you.' That way players more easily draw distinctions between in-play emotion and out-of-play feelings. Just a thought, thinking back on...
  7. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E It's official, WOTC hates Rangers (Tasha's version of Favored Foe is GARBAGE)

    Hold a sec, foraging can require a roll. Sure, a natural explorer gets double amount, and Outlander gives food for free if available... but I interpret that only being for the easy DC10 foraging check. Scarce and almost non-existent require checks - even from an outlander ranger (albeit...
  8. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D General Hero Forge in Color Is Open For Busniess!

    I made my daughter's character. She's happy with it - except the hands are too big and character not tall enough. Personally, I'm delighted.
  9. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D General [Dragonlance/Faerun] Anyone here met any Cataclysm/Wall of the Faithless defenders?

    We played Dragonlance back in the day. Players especially loved defending the High Clerist Tower from dragon army attack, and a climactic aerial mass dragon battle over city of Sanction. Btw, Dragonlances were lances that did double damage to dragons. That was double damage for a lance charge...
  10. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E Jeremy Crawford Discusses Details on Custom Origins

    At a more abstract level, the worst case is demihuman races losing definition and becoming more human-like. IRL there are no other races, so a player needs hooks to role-play. From a world-building perspective, I can work with Dwarves having superior hardiness and build their communities and...
  11. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E Jeremy Crawford Discusses Details on Custom Origins

    I don't think so. This attitude to happily jettisoning archetypes and tropes in favor of untrammeled progressiveness helped lead to the 'we know best' disaster of 4E. No, much better to raise a voice of protest now at what is being lost. And we'd better put to rest this idea that fans of the...
  12. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E Jeremy Crawford Discusses Details on Custom Origins

    My experience about extolling the virtue of change is that one day you find you've somehow been left behind. Sure change happens, but it doesn't have to be for the better, and there no guarantee it'll always align with your values. Despite stamping and swearing I'll never touch Tasha's, it'll...
  13. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E A quirky combo

    I would only allow it with bar stools, steins, bottles, pool cues... or hand bags. Probably require PC have had a few drinks too.
  14. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E A case for weapon master

    I have an acoloyte-Life cleric I considered Weapon master for: Base human stats of Str15, Dex9, Con14, Int14, Wis16, Cha10 Improved Wis @ 8th level (later got Cha+1 by Bag o bean egg) Anyway, thought about Str16 plus longsword & great sword etc, but opted for Str & Dex+1. He almost fell to his...
  15. FreeTheSlaves

    D&D 5E Jeremy Crawford Discusses Details on Custom Origins

    For me it's pretty simple, I started playing the game in 2E and still enjoy much of the tropes and idiosyncrasies from the game back then. What Tasha's does with races takes part of the game in a direction I don't care for. Frankly, being able to be a dwarf wizard is one heck of a concession...