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    Worlds of Design: Medieval Travel & Scale

    These roads existed before the Roman Republic was even founded! They were just documented in the time of the Holy Roman Empire, because until then, ....literacy wasn't a thing in Germany. Derp. There are other older roads of course that predate the Romans all over Europe. I'm going to highlight...
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    Worlds of Design: Medieval Travel & Scale

    The Old Roads in Eastern Europe Unknown to the Romans, but known to the Britons, Germans, Celts, and Gauls were the old Neolithic roads from the time right after the Ice age. It was these roads that allowed the German tribes to move enmasse and invade other countries, There were a number of...
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    Worlds of Design: Medieval Travel & Scale

    Fifty Years of Road Building. In the newly conquered territories, Augustus Caesar built roads. Attached in this post you’ll find the Roman Road map for 9 AD, right at the time that Varus lost his three legions along with his life in the battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. This was just forty...
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    Worlds of Design: Medieval Travel & Scale

    Unimproved Roads and trails in Ancient Gaul I'm going to weigh in here with some historical references campaigns along ancient roads and speak about travel times in Roman Europe. Now there were ancient roads and trails that existed in Neolithic times and were in place from about 18,000 BC or so...
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    Because part of the original settlement agreement included a nondisclosure agreement where both parties were prohibited from discussing details of the trial and the final settlement agreement. That gag order was put into the original settlement by, you guessed it. TSR. Dave told me though anyway...
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    He Did. Dave Arneson told me directly that he had done so, He sent his additional design notes for D&D that were not included in the first printing before the publication of D&D, and that Gary moved up the publication of 0D&D and did not inform Dave in a timely manner. Dave told me that, looking...
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    General Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    Yes that would be me, and Bob Sr. would not have approved... at all. He would have likely taken the boys out back to the woodshed in a back for an old fashioned switching. Before playing RPGs, Bob Sr. was of course, a historian, and avid wargamer, and he loved history. He went with his long time...
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    Top Ten Epic Deaths in my D&D Campaigns!

    Just my top ten best deaths from 0D&D games of the last few years... What's yours? 10. Eaten by a lion that snuck up on us in the deep grass of the Savannah. 9. Falling into the crevasse after failing the climbing check. 8. Being electrocuted after stumbling into that magical dungeon trap. 7...
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    OD&D November 2013--Deluxe OD&D Reprint (White Box + Supplements I-IV)

    Hrrrm? I bought all seven original books from 1977-79. Ran me $60 then. 30 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, this is just about right! Especially if it includes a hefty box. Hope it's printed on heavy acid-free paper with permanent ink, as I want this buy to last.