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    D&D General Monster ENCyclopedia: Umber Hulk

    Ouch! I hope Rob wasn't hurt too badly! ;) Great article, as always!
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    D&D General Live stream with Ed Greenwood about world building.

    Awesome! Thanks for posting on YouTube. (The stream was at an impossible time for me.)
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    Making a Heroes' Feast: Traveler's Stew

    Made that the day before yesterday. Didn't look quite as nice as it does in the book, but boy was it tasty!
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    D&D 5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War - A Review

    That sounds interesting. What has changed?
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    Critical Role Critical Role: Amazon Orders 2 Seasons Of The Legend Of Vox Machina

    Hmm. Torn here. The additional budget and support is definitely good news. But Prime is a horrible deal where I live. Unfortunate that Netflix didn't nab the show.
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    F-Secure blocks the site and states it has been reported as harmful. I've asked them to take another look at it.
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    The New D&D Book Is Called "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" [UPDATED!]

    I figured as much. :) But it's fun to try and make these things work. Cool idea to put it in Spelljammer!
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    The New D&D Book Is Called "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" [UPDATED!]

    Not knowing any of the adventures listed, here's my attempt. :) Don't use the Sea of Silt, but instead the Last Sea. Have a Mind Lord go rogue to explain anything in the adventures that wouldn't normally make sense in Dark Sun.
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    Dragon Reflections #20 – Demonology Made Easy!

    Thanks for doing these! Always a joy to read. :-)
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    Interview with Zweihander's Daniel D. Fox: Bounded Accuracy Meets WFRPG

    Not a problem. Thanks for the fix!
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    Interview with Zweihander's Daniel D. Fox: Bounded Accuracy Meets WFRPG

    The links in the opening paragraph are broken. (There appears to be a "http://"" in front of each URL, as well as a fancy double quote at the end.) Thanks for the article. Zweihänder sounds interesting. The artwork is right up my alley too. Shame that (as usual for English language books)...
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    Dragon Reflections #19 – Battle of the Cons

    Oh wow. Now that you mention it, it's kinda obvious. Still a very unusual piece.
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    Dragon Reflections #19 – Battle of the Cons

    Always a joy to read these! I wonder what the cover was meant to look like. I suppose it's meant to depict some sort of plant...with maybe a reposing figure on top..?
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    Monster & Magic Item Cards Coming In February

    Oh, that's a shame. :-( I've been making my own cards for a while now. Was hoping I could stop doing that entirely (except for module-specific monsters).
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    Intergalactic Diseases & Cosmic Mystery: An Interview with Clarence Redd

    As I understand it from the interview, he used cut out bits of anatomical illustrations like metaphorical LEGO, not actual LEGO pieces. Shame, I was really curious about those LEGO aliens. :-)