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    D&D 5E Mordenkainens feedback.

    I don't know what's more annoying about that- having to waste precious game time while people look up simple stuff that they should have done on their own time; or the disrepect shown to the DM in particular- whose had to spend hours of their own time preparing adventures etal for these...
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    D&D 5E Mordenkainens feedback.

    That statement just blows my mind- that nobody even bothers to get the phb... seriously?? I'd never heard of this until very recently. Why would you NOT? How else are you supposed to know about the game you're playing? Do they have that little commitment that they won't even get the...
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    D&D 5E Mordenkainens feedback.

    Most of what I was looking for was 3E stuff to fill out my collection- primarily FR books. Plus nifty old stuff like early edition character sheets, BECMI sets, etc. I grabbed up books for 5E, because a) they were there, and I could; and b) They're WAY cheaper than they sell for at my...
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    D&D 5E Mordenkainens feedback.

    So, I ordered a whole bunch of D&D stuff off E-bay, and this was one of them. One I was most looking forward to. (call me a dork, I like monster manuals, lol) I did little research, so was not expecting all the chapters of lore in the front. I like the ones on the Blood War, NOT a...
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    D&D General The first character to die in D&D was named Bob! Bob the Hero!

    Funnily enough, I currently HAVE a character named Bob, lol.
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    5.5E Sixth Edition - or - alright, I'm gonna do it myself then

    Cheery wave from a fellow procrastinator! (can't remember the last time I worked on my "modern" naval combat... rules? Game? thingamajig, lol.) I frankly don't see myself moving to another new edition any time soon- if ever. Particularly given the history of even numbered editions, and...
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    D&D General On Grognardism...

    TOTALLY off topic here, but your post reminded me of something I experienced a year or two ago. My friends and I were in Buffalo, NY touring the museum ships there. Among other things, this museum has a WWII Destroyer, a WW II Submarine, and a WW II Cruiser that commissioned too late to...
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    D&D General On Grognardism...

    Wow- Panzer Leader!! I haven't heard about that game since the early 80's!
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    D&D General On Grognardism...

    And thank Reorx for it! Those endless rules arguments, and the hard headed pedantry that was usually a big part of them were annoying af! (not just Enworld, I'm a long time D&D message board junkie, lol I've read more than enough of those threads...) The "build" threads were mostly...
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    OD&D Since we have all those threads about old editions- Moldvay/Cook.

    BECMI is essentially the same game, just re-edited and with the promised companion rules, plus masters, and immortals rules added. So, yeah they're included. (including Rules Cyclopedia, too!) I'm not familiar with any of the third party rewrites.
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    OD&D Since we have all those threads about old editions- Moldvay/Cook.

    Yes, I suck at thread titles... Anyhow, since I was reminded of it, I thought I'd read through the old Basic and Expert rulebooks. Which gave me an idea or two. It got me thinking about our old house rules, and how I'd approach it a bit differently if that game were to come out now...
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    D&D 5E Corrupted Avatar of Lurue

    Darnit Wizards! Why you gotta mess with my favorite goddess, and make her avatar evil???? That's an abomination, man! Also, since Lurue is native to Faerun, why does she need an avatar at all?
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    D&D 5E New-ish 5E GM Questions - Possible spoilers.

    For question 2, The option to join the various factions is written right into Lost Mine of Phandelver. They usually get noticed and approached by an NPC and given "the recruiting speech", if a character(s) seem to fit in well with the overall goals/ideology of the faction. These groups...
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    D&D General What published module have you run or played the most?

    B2 Keep on the Borderlands. T1 Village of Hommlet B1 In Search of the Unknown Ravenloft- the OG! Dragonlance Classics. We moved to homebrew adventures pretty early, and I own SO many adventures- plus a long time subscription to Dungeon mag- that it's unusual to run through modules...
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    OD&D Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play BECM/RC D&D? How Was/Is It?

    BINGO!!!! I never got the popularity of gaming channels based on watching other people play video games, etc. Heck- it used to bore me to tears when my friends would hook up the nintendo and play. ZZZZZ. Got a buddy now trying to get me into D&D online (or whatever it's called) on Steam...