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    Five Things I Love About Shadow Of The Demon Lord

    Great game.
  2. Green Onceler

    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Since P2 dropped, I've branched out into Call of Cthulhu and, recently, the Alien RPG. I still play P1 too, but these two new (to me,) systems are both much more appealing than rebuying a bunch of Pathfinder books.
  3. Green Onceler

    PF2E Pathfinder 2E's African-inspired Sourcebook

    I don't think you need to feel so bitter about the situation. Like you, I also greatly prefer PF1 to the current iteration. However, I do not feel bitter that Paizo has moved on at all. It's actually liberating. I currently own far more 1e content than I'll ever get to use. Paizo have served us...
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    Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter

    That hat... :confused:
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    Pathfinder Adventure Review: The Slithering

    I guess you're thinking of the old Pathfinder Module line for First Edition, which did indeed contain a number of gems. Sadly, they tended to be overshadowed by the Adventure Paths. This is the Second Edition iteration, although it lacks the Module branding, as did the previous Fall of...
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    Twilight: 2000 4E: An Interview With Free League

    Okay, I've just backed this on the strength of your post. I was concerned the tone might not be palatable to me, but your post was an excellent reminder that I'll be free to colour my game any way I wish. Thank you.
  7. Green Onceler

    Twilight: 2000 4E: An Interview With Free League

    I find the premise interesting as well. My main concern is not the fact that it is clearly dated, but the fact that playing as forces on the side of either of the superpowers during the cold war seems rather objectionable. When I had this game as a kid, I happily accepted the default assumption...
  8. Green Onceler

    5E DM Screen 'Wilderness Kit'

    I'll agree with him on the portrait orientation, but I do tend to stand (and pace,) a lot while GMing, so will accept I may be in the minority here. Don't agree re: art on player's side. It may not be useful as such, but GM screens are an aesthetic choice for me as much as anything else. My...
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    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    That seems an odd approach. Personally, as a hardened PF1 fan, PF2's arrival has broadened my gaming palette. As I'm no longer needing to buy any Pathfinder stuff, I have money to invest in other systems or board games. I'd rather play 5e than PF2. I don't love either system, but at least it's...
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    Paizo So how are P2 and Starfinder doing?

    Physical copies of the first print run are totally sold out due to the recent P2 Humble Bundle. I believe (based on shipping updates,) the second print run is not in the warehouse as of yet, so it makes sense it's pretty hard to find in the wild.
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    PF2E Pace of fighting

    But, how does that feel for the Sorcerer, making such a modest contribution to the "fast and furious" combat. Spellcasting certainly doesn't appear "fast and furious" to me.
  12. Green Onceler

    PF2E Pace of fighting

    Is that an improvement?
  13. Green Onceler

    PF2E Is this a fair review of PF2?

    People always cite this as some compelling reason to embrace the Second Edition, but it's been available for First Edition Pathfinder since 2015.
  14. Green Onceler

    PF2E About Agents of Edgewatch

    Sadly, I don't think we'll ever get an AP like Rise of the Runelords again from the big RPG publishers. I've just reread the first four books prepping to run a group of newbies through it and I just can't see either Paizo or Wizards wanting to go that dark again given the current gaming milieu.