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    DM's Guild Extra: Community Reviews

    The maps are from Dyson Logos, which is why you're probably familiar with them. They have a number of maps that are licensed for free commercial use.
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    DM's Guild Extra: Community Reviews

    I actually released The Vermin today: https://grislyeye.com/products/vermin
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    General DMs Guild Roundup: January/February

    Thanks for the review, much appreciated!
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    [5E] The Enchanted - a guide to low-fantasy fey characters!

    Hi everyone, I'm a first-time publisher excited to be releasing my new monograph, The Enchanted. This gorgeous 8 page monograph contains two new, unique backgrounds as well as new rules for low-fantasy characters and original artwork. Buy now from the DMs Guild.
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    [Online] Play-by-chat low-magic D&D

    5th Edition D&D play-by-chat campaign. Games will start at 4pm GMT/BST (negotiable) on Sundays. The setting is low-magic grimdark. See here for more details: https://grislyeye.com/black-griffin-campaign.html You can apply directly here on Roll20...
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    Free [Grisly Eye Games] Join Vermus Playtest for free PDF

    We're looking for adventurous Dungeon & Dragons groups to playtest Vermus: Threats. This short monograph introduces the vermus, a deadly new threat for 1st-2nd level characters including 4 new monster stats (CR 1/4 to 1). Battle-test the vermus and send us your thoughts, feedback, criticisms and...
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    Finding playtesters?

    What are good places online to find or advertise for play-testers? How you play-test stuff for your publications?
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    Black Griffon Company Faction - feedback wanted

    Griffin Company is a 5E D&D faction based loosely on Glen Cook's The Black Company so it's thematic for low-magic or gritty campaigns. Just not sure of some of the perks: Homebrewery: http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/HJnXKYCU PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByT...ew?usp=sharing...
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    5E Urban Campaigns and Challenge Rating

    I'm running an urban campaign and I'm finding my players aren't finding my encounters too tricky. In an urban campaign, where resources and opportunities for rest are plentiful, should I up the challenge rating for encounters?
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    Cannot see wiki pages unless logged into forums

    When accessing the wiki, you need to be logged in with a forum account. It would be nice to be able to view the wiki without being needed to be logged in so that, for example, you could post interesting wiki pages on link aggregation sites.
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    RSS Feed Down

    The front page RSS feed doesn't seem to be working: I just get a blank page when I go to it directly in Firefox 3: feed://http//dev.enworld.org/forum/external.php?type=RSS2
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    My news item was not posted?

    I recently submitted the following news item, but it never get posted on the main site without any explanation: I appreciate it's not guaranteed that a news item will be published, but EN World has always posted news items for the Free RPG Community in the past and I wondered if there was some...