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    General Why Exploration Is the Worst Pillar

    To the OP, yes, you are right. I love walking out in nature, its amazing and has some sights that you remember for the rest of your life. But we mere mortal DM's, even legendary literary greats, simply can't render that sense of awe at seeing the perfect sunset or ocean or Mountain View with...
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    5E Wand of the War Mage, Rod of the Pact Keeper, and Saving Throw DCs

    That part in bold for sure. I always laugh when I think about "Staff of Fire" vs. "Staff of Power". Both are Very Rare, yet the staff of power can do everything the fire one can, plus a zillion other awesome things, including adding +2(!) to AC, spell attack rolls, and Saving throws while...
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    5E Epic Monsters: Dracula (5E)

    Dracula frankly wasn't all that powerful. I mean sure, to actual mortal schmucks like you and me it was no contest, but against anyone that can actually wield magic and was super well armed with even low level items that could hurt him I assume he'd be screwed since he was actually done in by...
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    Does Wizard school Savant work when crafting scrolls?

    RAW it wouldn't, but I was thinking of trying to make the case to my DM that it should have some benefit when writing scrolls from your chosen school. Is that too much?
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    How come BBEG coming out never have magic weapons or items?

    So how come even guys like Grazzt seem to have non magical weapons? I get that all their attacks are effectively magic, but almost no weapon wielding monsters seem to be able to find even a +1 weapon to use? You think being Demon lords or even just a high ranking Marilith they could swing...
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    Medium characters grappling large creatures?

    Ok, I'm sure this has been asked and answered somewhere, but I'm bad at looking up old threads. The grapple rules say you can attempt it on creatures one size larger, but is there a penalty stated somewhere or some advantage to being bigger than your opponent? Seems like it would grant...
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    5E Bring D&D Immortals to 5e

    Holy Cow, I had no idea they put all that together in one 5E book. I literally just paid a fair amount to get the old "Companion Set" rules as my campaign is about the party carving out a dominion in the Wild West of the campaign world. This could have saved me some money and gotten me more...
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    Linking feats/ability improvements to Character level, any good reasons not to?

    So I have any number of house rules for my campaign, and one I'm considering is just linking feats/ability scores to class level like is done with the proficiency bonus. The main reason is multiclassing is a nice way to do things when you want to achieve a desired effect on a character that...
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    Need help figuring out the CR on a custom bad guy

    I'm making the BBEG in a dungeon crawl essentially a Storm Giant with 11 levels of Sorcerer and troll regen, with immunity to fire. It's a Frost Troll type guy, but Fey instead of giant. Anyone know what or wanna guess what the effective CR on that would be?
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    5E Taking suggestions for an adventure

    So, the party is a 15th Level Warlock(Infernal Bladelock), 14th Level Paladin(Devotion w/high AC and flaming hammer). Mission goal is retrieve a lost elven sword from a badass Fey Troll in his cave. The bad guy is a tweaked troll, one from the Feywild. I've read a lot of the Dresden Files...
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    Some random house rules for things that bothered me

    Some things that bothered me and what I've done or proposed, there are more, but here is what I felt like mentioning here today: Things that bug me 1) Giant creatures hit really not much harder than medium ones. Big things should be REALLY scary to fight in close combat for man sized stuff...
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    5E Does "Nondetection" cancel out see invis?

    Just wanted some clarification if an invisible creature also has Nondetection up and "can't be targeted by any divination magic" if this means that See Invisible doesn't work against it. This spelled out somewhere? If so I must have missed it.
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    5E How do you guys handle pricing one shot magic items?

    I'm sure we're all familiar with the listed pricing and suggestions and this has probably been discussed at length, but I'm trying to find something that makes a bit more sense regarding making/purchasing/selling some one shot magic items. Namely, the prices listed for purchasing them seem to...
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    5E Campaign Idea help: Rise of the Azer

    Ok, so I'm thinking of a big campaign arc soon involving the Azer making a play to depose the Efreet Sultan and reclaim the City of Brass, which they built. I run a 2 man party, my brother and his roommate, 14th level, and climbing, Warlock and Paladin. Recently we had a cool adventure where...
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    5E Barbarian Brutal Crit and Sneak attack dice

    Quick question, I made a barbarian NPC with rogue levels. He's high enough he gets brutal crit, I was wondering if the extra die of damage granted by it also applies to the sneak attack damage. It is my understanding the sneak attack normally gets included in the bonus dice for a regular...