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    What is the essence of D&D

    I just wanted to chime in that this 100% mirrored my own experiences, as well. As a 4E customer, I was repeatedly harassed or proselytized to at multiple different gaming stores as well as a Barnes & Noble whenever I tried to purchase a 4E product or, in one instance, even talk about the game...
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    Gamers Wanted! [Offline][[Port St Lucie, FL] Looking for 4E players

    Hey guys, looking to start up a 4E group in or around Port St Lucie, FL. Hit me up if you're interested!
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    The Sublime Saboteur: Shinobi

    SHINOBI Higure the Still Wind, human shinobi "I learned from my master that a shinobi's duty is to be enlightened on the laws of nature. There are no battles that do not adhere to these laws. Thus, the warrior who stands against the laws of nature has lost his battle before he even begins to...