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    Bad Movies You Liked

    The 'Double Dragon' movie. Seriously. Does it contain any epic masterpieces of acting? No. But look at the world-building in the setting... a dystopic cityscape where gangs rule the streets and curfews happen at night. Problems are solved with violence, usually street-fighting and martial arts...
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    5E Time to remake the Bard

    I love Bards. Always have. 2e Bard was best to me; wizard spells up to 6th level, 'Warrior' weapons, handful of Rogue abilities? Heck yes. 5e gives us a taste of the 2e Bard in the Valor archetype, but it's not exactly what I want. One of two changes comes to mind: Wizard spells, half-caster...
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    Dark mode?

    Hello! Just wondering if we have an option somewhere to make the forum background black with white text. Tried searching the thread for mentions of 'night' or 'dark' but didn't see one. Thanks!
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    5E [SKT] Players want to 'own' Nightstone

    Short story is, my players are rabid for base building adventures. Obvious spoilers follow. When my players were presented with a wrecked town featuring a Keep manned by inept guards and a dead Lady, their eyes lit up with wonder and excitement. "Clearly, our Tiefling Warlock can replace the...
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    [Humor?] our home and GITP

    I'm finding an interesting corollary between various types of questions and styles of answers between we here at EnWorld and the folks over at Giant In The Playground's forums. It seems like a lot of novices find their way there and questions tend to weigh heavily on character creation/"builds"...
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    5E I want to make a Slime Farmer. Discuss.

    I have fond memories of the Oozemaster prestige class from 3x, despite never having played one. With the return of the Underdark-themed Druid, I want to make a character who cultivates slimes, molds and fungi (obvious Ghostbusters reference is obvious, but not the intent). With the usual...
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    5E Dragging a fallen comrade to 'safety' isn't safe

    So, assume you're behind an ally who has just hit 0 HP and fallen unconscious as a result of a solid melee hit from his opponent. Both you and the opponent are within 5' of the fallen ally, who is now prone and bleeding out. Like a good soldier, you want to get your ally out of there. As I...
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    Help needed - interesting crypt encounters

    How about a ghoulish smart-aleck "Dungeon Master" that tells stories with pun-laden exposition?
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    5E Rogues without Darkvision

    I hope that you also allowed that player to find a Turtleneck of Tactics.
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    5E Tavern Brawler, the Druid, and me

    PREAMBLE: I realize this is not optimal; I am building for fun over utility. I am soon playing a Half-Drow Sea Druid. Sailor background, grew up on ships and the like. I plan on playing her as the Team Mom. As such, she often got into, well, brawls with her fellow crewmates at taverns...
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    5E Sun Soul Monk / Undying Light Warlock

    Radiance Monk and and Undying Warforged, eh...
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    Horror High - Rogues Gallery

    Janice (Juana) Reyes - Tough 1 Growing up in the Reyes family was difficult for everyone except Janice, it seemed. From a young age, she showed a bevy of talent that her mother worked several jobs to support while her husband was away serving his country in the Afghanistan war. With an...
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    [OOC] Horror High - Freshman Year

    @Shayuri Naw dawg, if you're copying me, feel free. lol I'm actually flattered, kinda. To be honest, I went Tough because I thought the whole team was going to be Int, Wis and/or Cha. I like the idea of being a pair of strong, tough latina Sisters. Of course, we might just end up like this...
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    5E I just don't see why they even bothered with the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.

    Anyone remember this? This is what we got in Sword Coast Adventure's Guide minus the sexy Specialty Priests, and it's okay.
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    5E Multiclass: Warlock / Bard - thoughts?

    Maybe something more like this...? ... but on fire. :)