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    3E/3.5 Comparison to 3.5e

    5e runs fairly well, its a simple system. It works until higher levels, then it has similar problems with balance that...well, every edition of D&D forever has had. My issue is that it feels lacking in choice when it comes to character abilities and such. I do like the concept of meaningful...
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    Worlds of Design: The Four Laws of Character Death

    A game without Impactful Death is a game I do not have interest in. For me, if I feel like the DM I am sitting with is fudging the dice rolls or making decisions to try and prevent my characters death, it offends me. Let the dice fall where they may, as many have said. Now, as prior stories...
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    6E Class features with drawbacks

    Putting aside any specifics and speaking purely conceptually, I think Drawbacks are a good thing for a game. They open up design space in a lot of ways and make both design of a character (or a deck or a build or a whatever) more interesting and decisions during play more meaningful. That said...
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    General The Renewing Charm of the Old School Play Experience

    Ah I do have fond memories of playing some really old school, high lethality dungeon delves in middle school with my friends. The issue, of course, being that at the age and maturity level we all were, it invariably caused issues and we'd use whoever was GMing to try and 'cheat'. I...
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    General Music in Discord game?

    Yeah when I've run discord games, I've used music to good effect. Always low volume, always ambient. No lyrics is important...as I have found even lyrics in other languages can draw the players out of the scene and into the song, which you do not want. But if you get a good, interesting track...
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    General Alignment in D&D

    It can, but I question whether it should. In a novel format, I think it works extremely well. I am unsure if you're familiar with or have read R Scott Bakers 'Prince of Nothing' series or its follow-ons, but this is basically one of the concepts he explores in the novels...that Good and Evil...
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    Yeah its frankly real shocking how much offense is being taken because we're noting its a show. Hell, they sell merch and make money. THAT TOO really changes the dynamic of the game as well. People behave differently when they are aware they are observed. Not just in games, not just in D&D, but...
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    I think of it like a game show. They are playing a game, sure, but its a show. And I do not doubt they find it fun. But most games are not shows. Adding the show bit...well, it just naturally changes how things work and the best practices.
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    General Alignment in D&D

    Let me be more clear. I like clear faction systems. I have never found 'law/good/evil/chaos' to be particularly clear in any edition or in any game, unless its watered down to almost meaninglessness. They add nothing to the game that can't be added in a much better way through other means.
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    General Alignment in D&D

    I dislike alignment systems. I LIKE faction systems. 13th age does this super well by emphasizing a characters alignment not towards some weird ephemeral concepts like Law/Chaos/Good/Evil, but their alignment towards existing factions in the world. Good? Evil? You are respected by the Emperor...
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    So the biggest issue I have seen from CR has actually come more into play for me lately, since I can no longer play my face to face for the forseeable future. This had happened before, but since it wasnt my only option it wasnt a big deal. Now it kinda is. But the biggest negative effect I...
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    4E Examples of a skill challenge within a combat and vice versi

    My favorite 4E combat I ran was a room full of Magical Portals to the Abyss that the players had to close whilst fighting the things coming out of them. They COULD simply bash the portals to death, they had HP and such...but it was far quicker to, as a minor action each turn, try and close the...
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    5E Camping outside the BBEG's door: yea or nay?

    So I guess it comes down to 2 things: 1) Do I let the party do it? Yes, absolutely they can decide to rest right outside the door of the BBEG. Of course, its extremely unwise and will lead to consequences. But can they do it? Of course! 2) If this situation occurs, it is most likely because I...
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    General The perfect D&D edition (according to ENWORLD)

    coughs Sir, I think you mean Alternative Facts. Maybe the statements are incorrect according to YOUR facts, but according to mine...
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    General The perfect D&D edition (according to ENWORLD)

    Maybe the Perfect Edition for D&D according to ENWorld really IS 4E. Since thats all people seem to wanna discuss in these threads haha. It definitely generates discussion :angel: To the points at hand: I have no issue with Elfcrusher opinions or how he has expressed them. I mean, I do not...