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  1. Hjorimir

    Warhammer's Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Is Here!

    I kind of want to buy this (because it looks metal), but I really don't know much about the Warhammer IP. Eagerly awaiting some in-depth reviews to surface.
  2. Hjorimir

    Forbidden Lands free (today only)

  3. Hjorimir

    Tenfold Dungeons

    Disclaimer: I don't know these guys or have anything to do with this Kickstarter. Just something I thought I'd share. Tenfold Dungeons are essential a series of chambers and corridors that build out a dungeon/scene made of cardboard boxes. The doors function as clips that holds everything together.
  4. Hjorimir

    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    doctorbadwolf sounds like a fun game to me!
  5. Hjorimir

    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    I love Dragonlance for many reasons, but most of all because it deviated from the vanilla kitchen sink that most published offerings feel the need to support. There are no regular halflings. There are no orcs to be found. Minotaur as a playable race. The knights of Solamnia. Etc. Etc. Yes...
  6. Hjorimir

    [Homebrew] Less may be more

    Taking a stab at homebrewing a setting? Less may be more. Consider limiting the types of monsters that you feature and try to give them more depth. Consider Tolkien’s Nazgul (wraiths) or Martin’s White Walkers (wights). Simple monsters with layered context. In my own campaign setting, I don't...
  7. Hjorimir

    General Turgenev's Friday Freebie Maps

    This is great. Thanks for offering this up to the community, Tim!
  8. Hjorimir

    Anybody else excited for Esper Genesis?

    I'm pretty excited for Esper Genesis to arrive. When Paizo announced Starfinder, I instantly wished that WotC would do something similar (Star Fronties 5e please). Esper Genesis is scratching that itch for me. While I'm glad to hear that WotC is going to produce some campaign setting material...
  9. Hjorimir

    Surprise for my group

    One of my players bought a copy, framed it, and hung it. I'm quite touched of his love for the work and setting.
  10. Hjorimir

    Button Pusher, Lever Puller, Potion Taster (When players are absent)

    So a running joke at our table is that when a player misses a session that their character volunteers for all button pushing, lever pulling, and potion tasting activities. Honestly, we generally hand out the sheet to a different player to control in combat and the DM covers the RP for the absent...
  11. Hjorimir

    5E Mordenkainens starting to show up in the wild?

    It must be mine. It shall be mine! Seriously, just looking forward to all the fiendish goodness (Am I allowed to say that?) that the book has to offer. As to halflings, just give them the furry feet already. It's been a staple of D&D. Jim Holloway always defined for me what a halfling looked...
  12. Hjorimir

    Surprise for my group

    So, I'm a homebrewer. I love created worlds for my campaigns and my players. A thing that has always vexed me is not having a nice map for the table. So, I set out to finally pull a nice map together for my players. I ended up with something I like and had it printed out in 2' x 3' from...
  13. Hjorimir

    Power is Relative

    As a DM, I find extreme character optimization efforts to be funny. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a player trying to make an effective character and I do it also when I’m the player, but not at the sacrifice of what I consider to be an interesting character to role-play. As a DM, it...
  14. Hjorimir

    40 years...

    40 years ago, I started playing AD&D. I got to play because I cried to my dad that my older brother wasn’t being nice and allowing me to play with him and his friends. They gave me the cleric to play, naturally. The first character I actually made was my ranger. His name was Silver Arrow...
  15. Hjorimir

    5e Tasks

    Mily was the first one to round the corner. Her breath was ragged and her lungs burned. “The Temple!” she called to the others. She bound across the cracked stone floor as quickly as her halfling feet could carry her and threw her shoulder into the gigantic stone doors. They didn’t budge...