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Recent content by Holy Bovine

  1. Holy Bovine

    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    I still love 4E and have just started yet another campaign of it. This time I'm trying for a whirlwind, passing through the cosmos, hit every game world out there at least once kind of gonzo game. They started in Eberron and where they end up is anyone's guess at this point (I'm thinking...
  2. Holy Bovine

    Beyond Dungeon!: D&D boardgames and Talisman

    I would take any of the D&D boardgames over Talisman. I freaking hate that game. Its about 20 minutes of fun packed into 4 hours. I've played both Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashaldon and I think I like CR better. WoA does add in some stuff but CR plays, ime, faster and easier.
  3. Holy Bovine

    Kickstarter The REBUILDING EN WORLD Kickstarter Project

    The survey sent out at the end of the KS will take care of all of this. I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Holy Bovine

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5E magic item compendium

    So you're saying it was a good thing they continued this trend into the MiC and Spell Compendium? If I were to ever run 3E again (ha!) MiC and SC would be DM only books from the get-go. As PCs encountered stuff from them they could certainly duplicate it but they would never be able to buy...
  5. Holy Bovine

    So who's making monsters?

    Just wondering if anyone has been making monsters based on the mechanics they are seeing from the current bestiary. I'm running a homebrew 5E game this weekend and am looking for some wolves/wargs for the goblin raiders to ride. edit - also why the heck does the Dungeons & Dragons playtest...
  6. Holy Bovine

    (Kickstarter) New The Gamers Movie - Hands of Fate

    KS Link Don't know if this was posted on ENWorld yet but with just 12 days to go it is still short of its goal! Surely there are a couple of thousand of you with $50 to spare (or even $25! Heck they'll take a dollar and thank you profusely!!) My wife and I are big fans of the Gamers movies...
  7. Holy Bovine

    Pathfinder 1E Free Character Builder for Pathfinder?

    Is there one? Are there plans for one? I know of Hero Labs offerings but I'm really cheap and want it free!! :lol:
  8. Holy Bovine

    D&D 2E Returning to 2e

    Hey - great idea! While 2E isn't my personal choice (I lurves me some Rules Cyclopedia D&D) I fully endorse the idea of playing any and all editions of D&D. I would suggest going 'vanilla' 2E at first - you will likely quickly remember your personal houserules as you encounter things that...
  9. Holy Bovine

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Edition Reprints

    1) I think the gilded pages thing has been dropped - it doesn't appear in the linked text anymore (likely it was an early thought that didn't get deleted from the ad-copy by mistake) 2) I hope they make new covers for them myself. Faux leather would be really cool but likely make them too...
  10. Holy Bovine

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Edition Reprints

    *headdesk* Well played, sir. Well played indeed. ;) On another note - what did people think of the survey about a future 'best of 3E' book? I voted mainly for supplemental books like Draconomicron, Stormwrack and the like. I also asked in the comments for the book to be big - 300+ pages...
  11. Holy Bovine

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Edition Reprints

    So now that dictionary quotes are being thrown at people is it safe to say this thread has lost its initial point?
  12. Holy Bovine

    D&D 4E Things wrong with 4e: Dragons

    :mad::mad::mad::mad: Hey! That's my line dammit! My players grew to hate dragons in my Year of Rogue Dragons campaign. Nothing was coloured "correctly" to them! They just about had a heart attack when i threw an acid breathing black dragon at them!
  13. Holy Bovine

    Lords of Waterdeep Boardgame - Merric's Review

    It's a spambot account.
  14. Holy Bovine

    D&D 4E 4E DM's - what have you learned?

    That a single bad guy is going to have his ass handed to him by any moderately competent party. Minions are a good thing (not just the 1hp kind either - low powered but still credible as a threat minions are very important especially as I work back into DMing 3E).
  15. Holy Bovine

    D&D 4E Since the announcement of D&D Next, are you still buying 4E product?

    I stopped buying 4E stuff when the character builder went all crappy (re: online). I would like to get Heroes of the Elemental Chaos simply because I think the Elemental Chaos is one of the best ideas for planar cosmology to ever come out of D&D. I am disappointed it is only 160 pages...