I prefer backgammon over chess, Hearts over Poker, Pokemon over Magic, and when playing games where points are scored I play to determine and maintain an arbitrary point goal rather than trying to win. And if I am outclassed or annoyed by someone at the table, I spend all my effort to stand in that person's way.

As for Role Playing games, I like flexible, rules-light systems. If I want to crunch numbers, I'll go do pages of random math problems, so almost every d20 based game is out. (Even True20). Except for one.

I designed a tabletop RPG game called HiBRiD/IGE, which stands for Heroic Ite'-based RPG in Development featuring the Ite' Gaming Engine. Though the full name is long, the game itself is a simple, innovative system that has been evolving since 1994. I have featured in GenCon events since 2000, and there have been several write-ups on the web.