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Recent content by Imperialus

  1. Imperialus

    Comparative review of Mutant Crawl Classics and the Umarican Survival Guide (Long as hell)

    So within a couple months of each other, we’ve been blessed with not one, but two different post-apocalyptic games/settings for Dungeon Crawl Classics. As a backer of both, and having just recently gotten the finalized PDF of the Umarican Survival Guide (USG) I figured I’d do a side by side...
  2. Imperialus

    D&D 1E A Guide to 1e AD&D Monsters to Challenge a Party of 13th level and Higher

    My DM just threw a 'white pudding' at our party ranging from 8th to 10th level last week. Basically it was black pudding, but instead of vulnerability to fire it was only vulnerable to cold damage. That was a tough fight simply because we didn't have any ice based spells in the party. Heck...
  3. Imperialus

    Retrospective on a 8+ year long AD&D campaign.

    It's been ages since I've posted here but got to writing today and figured I' share. Some folks here (mostly from CM) might remember me but D&D and I have sort of gone in different directions for the past few editions so I haven't been around much. If you are interested in sticking around for...
  4. Imperialus

    Bouncing ideas for my Dwimmermount campaign.

    So I've been running a Dwimmermount campaign for about a year now. Made the switch to DCC from B/X a couple months ago One of the things I've been doing is trying to introduce antagonists from outside the dungeon as much as the enemies they encounter inside. The idea is that this will give...
  5. Imperialus

    Idea for a magic gee-gaw.

    So my PC's are about to encounter a their first wizard antagonist and I'm trying to think of some sort of magic item I could give him to spice things up a bit, perhaps even provide a small side quest while they try and figure out how it works. I've been converting Dwimmermount to DCC, and for...
  6. Imperialus

    D&D 2E Leveling Up in 2E

    Heh. After 7 years my 1st ed group is just now hitting 9th level. As a matter of fact, it was last session that we had our first unicorn... Our magic user, who began at 1st level, dinged level 9. She died once, due to a power word kill, but by that point our Cleric had already hit 9th level...
  7. Imperialus

    Recruiting Dwimmermount the Second Expedition.

    So... After over a year my Dwimmermount PbP game has finished the first expedition into the dungeon. That said, with PbP's being what they are a few players have dropped out, so I'd like to throw open the door to further recruitment. Coles notes on PC creation. All PC's joining at this...
  8. Imperialus

    D&D 1E AD&D 1E Players Handbook In PDF

    Isn't OD&D already available? Or is it one of the PDF's that they sold a few years back and then took off the 'shelf' as it were? I know I have the LBB's plus the 4 supplements as PDFs and according the the watermark on the PDF's I purchased them from RPGNow... I like having them as PDF's...
  9. Imperialus

    Dwimmermount IC:

    The next room seems to have at one point been a small library. The remains of what looked to have been a fairly comfortable chair are found in one corner, and although the shelves appear to be mostly empty, you do find a couple of interesting titles that don't immediately crumble to dust in...
  10. Imperialus

    B/X (Labyrinth Lord) Goblin Class

    I've been running a Dwimmermount campaign as a PbP and one of the things I wanted to include was the Goblin PC class as it was cut from the Dwimmermount release. At any rate, here is my take on Goblins. The idea is that they sort of combine a thief and a magic user (more specifically an...
  11. Imperialus

    Best medieval wargames rules?

    How far down the grog rabbit hole do you want to go? DBA is a good miniature ruleset but if you're more of a board wargame guy then personally I quite like GMT games "Men of Iron" series as a fairly good ruleset. Archers are too damn powerful, and cavalry doesn't have the punch that it really...
  12. Imperialus

    In which I ramble about coins and making treasure cool.

    One thing I've always enjoyed doing is mucking about with coins in my campaigns. They are something that every PC uses, but very little thought is given to them other than a number on the character sheet. Coins and money in general mean a lot to a society and it's always felt like something...
  13. Imperialus

    Dwimmermount IC:

    Making your way back into the darkened corridor you creep carefully down the corridor to the left. It appears to be a small dead end room with a large number of fungi with riotous colours all over the floor, walls, and even the ceiling.
  14. Imperialus

    Dwimmermount IC:

    Midgrim saw the movement somewhere towards the corridor leaving room 30 which is where I believe you were resting. Whatever it was it came from deeper in the dungeon. Also, regarding the bodies, yes you had searched them. No treasure, and the brestplate of the plate armour worn by the man has...
  15. Imperialus

    Dwimmermount IC:

    The Kobolds can be dragged, it isn't terribly easy, but between the two dwarves they can move them. Poking at the webs as you go small clutches of spiders scatter out of the way. Clemit's lit torch causes some of the smaller webs to vaporize in puffs of smoke as he follows. The main webs look...