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    DungeonMorphs 10th+ Anniversary

    This Kickstarter ends tonight at 11pm US Eastern time. We're in the process of unlocking a couple more stretch goals to get each new set to 8 dice each, at no extra cost to backers--and the cards, battlemats, book, etc., all grow to match!
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    DungeonMorphs 10th+ Anniversary

    We've now hit stretch goals so every new set of dice get a bonus die (now 7 dice each) at no extra cost to backers! And the matching 2.5" cards, 10" battlemat tiles, book of descriptions/ideas all grow to match. Our next goal is to get Dyson Logos to convert all the designs to his style for a...
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    DungeonMorphs 10th+ Anniversary

    Hard to believe it was over 10 years ago when we launched our first Kickstarter for DungeonMorph Dice & Cards. Back then it ended with a little over $20K in pledges, making it a top 20 RPG Kickstarter that year... How things have changed! Thank you for keeping the hobby growing. For the first...
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    RPG Sales of 2022

    Inkwell Ideas has just launched our GM's Day sale: 30% everything in our store using the code GMs2022 as you check out: Worldographer/Hexographer software Icon Sets for our software or any program that imports PNG images Sidequest Decks - every card is a mini-adventure: outline on one side...
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    Arctic/Winter Map Icon Sets Previews

    And here are previews of our other 3 sets! We'll be posting them for our patrons on Patreon and on DriveThruRPG later today.
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    Arctic/Winter Map Icon Sets Previews

    "Arctic/Winter" is appropriately (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) the theme this month for the Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription). Our first preview has the settlement scale icons: a slew of classic medieval houses, shops, & other buildings done with a...
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    Inkwell Ideas Isometric World/Kingdom Mountains Patreon Map Icons Preview

    Today we've got our final preview of the month: top-down settlement scale icons. We'll post links to the actual icon sets later tomorrow for our patrons (which are good for a month) plus a poll for next month's theme later today. For this set, Keith Curtis continued the subsets of icons we...
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