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    If it's "crunch" that you want, where do you want it and why?

    I'm not sure about the confusion . . . there's a 1-to-1 correlation between character material "bits" and rules complexity. The more mechanical bits a character has --- to either differentiate them from other characters or make the character more "realistic" within the assumed game world, or...
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    If it's "crunch" that you want, where do you want it and why?

    Only if its Crunchberries. Cap'n Crunchberries = The Awesome Regular Cap'n Crunch = The meh
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    If it's "crunch" that you want, where do you want it and why?

    I've been thinking lately about how much "crunch" I actually want in my games. I've only recently embarked on GM-ing FFG Star Wars, which is by all accounts a "medium crunch" system. Generally I'd agree with that statement, as so far it seems to be a bit lighter than Savage Worlds, but certainly...
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    What are your RPG plans for 2022?

    FFG Star Wars to the far horizons of the galaxy . . . . (Probably most of it not all year). If Star Wars goes less than anticipated, we've got another GM with Pathfinder 2 in the wings, or One Ring 2e, or Court of Blades.
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    "Casual" RPGs

    Tiny D6 (Tiny Dungeons or Tiny Frontiers) is absolutely perfect for this kind of thing. You can literally teach an eight year old how to play in five minutes. Players essentially don't even need to know the rules if you're willing to coach them on when to roll dice, and how many. Core mechanic...
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    Switching Around Systems Due to Burnout?

    This describes my experience pretty well, only once I stop flip-flopping, it's with a different system each time. For a long time, I gamed with a GM who would only run D&D 3 (then 3.5). That was 8 years. Then did the flip-flop thing for a year and a half or so, played Star Wars Saga for 6...
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    Let's Talk About Fantasy heartbreaks and other FRPGs

    And as far has heartbreakers, it might sound weird to say, but Pathfinder 1e might actually be it. Mostly because by the time I was done with it, I fully recognized that my "D&D" heart was, in fact, broken. I was in a full and complete and total reevaluation of everything I thought I wanted...
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    Let's Talk About Fantasy heartbreaks and other FRPGs

    I had to think for a minute. My first non-D&D "brand" fantasy game was Pathfinder in 2010. But since it's really just "D&D", I don't think it counts. My D&D chronology goes something like: BECMI ('86-'91) >> 10 year gap >> 3/3.5 (2001-2008) >> 3 year gap >> PF1 (2010-2011) Between all of...
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    Blog (A5E) Level Up: Now on FOUNDRY VTT!

    Very nice! My use of Foundry has dropped off now that we're meeting in person again, but it's nice to see a clean, solid product ready and waiting if I needed. it.
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    What to run when you are done with D&D?

    It's . . . PbtA adjacent, I suppose, but in play I found it to feel very, very differently from Dungeon World (which I thought was . . . merely okay, and my group bounced off of it pretty hard). It has enough additional rules "heft", with the condition tracking, momentum mechanic, and the use...
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    What to run when you are done with D&D?

    From my experience, if you really really still want Fantasy tropes in your game: Ironsworn (I seriously can't recommend this enough, it's awesome) Savage Worlds + Shaintar Genesys + Realms of Terrinoth
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    What to run when you are done with D&D?

    I've documented on these boards before that other than a handful of 1-3 session mini campaigns (1 in 4e, 1 in 3.5, 2 in 5e) I haven't played an actual "D&D" or derivative since 2011. Since then I've played a ton of Savage Worlds (300+ sessions), but have also played GURPS, Dungeon World...
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Alien dragon lizard? Shoot it! (Edge of the Empire)
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    I just want to talk about my homebrew

    I'd say, if you're not totally married to your homebrew, you sound like an outstanding candidate for Tiny Dungeons. The whole core mechanic is rolling 2 dice (regular), 3 dice (advantage), or 1 die (disadvantage). All dice are d6. If any dice rolled are a 5 or 6, it's a success. If at...
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    I spend how much on this hobby 2021?

    Hmmm..... TOR 2E kickstarter $170 Tiny Dungeons $17.99 Tiny Frontiers $23.99 Level Up kickstarter $90 Age of Rebellion Core Rules $49 Ironsworn Hard Copy $29 Ironsworn Delve $31 Spellbound Kingdoms Hardcover $32 Total: $443.98 Not bad. That's downright restrained, for me.