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Recent content by innerdude

  1. innerdude

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Stabbing spaceships, bending space-time, yay!
  2. innerdude

    Systems Where You Dread Running Combat

    GURPS. Oh my gosh, GURPS GURPS GURPS. First off, the whole "1 round = 1 second" thing is both tedious and ridiculous. Especially when a lot of times your whole action is, "I ready my weapon." Great. Then you have to sit there and watch while 4 other people go through their combat turn...
  3. innerdude

    TSR Just when you thought it was all over.... now there’s a fourth TSR!

    What is even the point? I am positively flummoxed, baffled, befuddled, confounded why anyone involved with this company that has yet to produce a single sale-able product thinks that there's some hidden, pent up value to "TSR - The Brand". What, do they think there's this horde of late boomer...
  4. innerdude

    Indie Games Are Not More Focused. They Are Differently Focused.

    I'm going to throw out something possibly controversial --- I don't think any RPG games or systems are particularly flexible, in the sense that the system's core assumptions largely pre-determine the general play experience. And I say this as someone who played Savage Worlds almost exclusively...
  5. innerdude

    Urban Fantasy general discussion thread

    By all rights and expectations, urban fantasy should be right up my alley. But for whatever reason, I've never connected with it as a genre. I never got into World of Darkness even though I should have been a prime potential customer at its popularity height (late teen / early 20s gamer in the...
  6. innerdude

    Most Important Questions to Ask at Session 0

    The big thing I think I forget to ask my players is, "Regardless of your character concept/race/class, what do you actually want to be doing? What types of situations/challenges are going to hold your interest?" This is different than asking, "What's the campaign about?" ("It's a musical...
  7. innerdude

    Evil protagonists from fiction - or 'Examples of how to play the bad guy without being a total jerk'

    It's probably the most cliche Dungeons and Dragons answer ever, but Artemis Entreri comes to mind.
  8. innerdude

    Oddest pairings of mechanics, setting, and intended player market?

    Oh my gosh, d20 Modern is the perfect example. The two sessions of d20 Modern I ever played were some of the most strange, random, off-putting spurts of gameplay I've ever seen. As you described, it's just this total mishmash of ideas that barely hold together, if at all. And the funny thing...
  9. innerdude

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Alien Xenotech hazardous to health. (Tiny D6 Tiny Frontiers)
  10. innerdude

    Your "Pleasantly Surprised" Experiences (Anti-Heartbreakers)

    Fantasy Flight Games' narrative dice system / Edge of the Empire. Which is not to say that I didn't have at least some expectation that it would work when I tried it, but the two sessions we got in before the pandemic broke up our group in March 2020 were excellent. I was expecting it to be...
  11. innerdude

    Oddest pairings of mechanics, setting, and intended player market?

    So this thread is inspired by a particular system I picked up in the last year, and am totally enthralled with most of the core mechanics, but find myself baffled around some of the design decisions and the implied setting. The system in question: Spellbound Kingdoms The reasons I love the...
  12. innerdude

    Products That Overwhelmed You

    The entire White Wolf product line. Invariably, when I peruse any given book from any given product line (Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Scion), I read the first 2 or 3 pages and my eyes glaze over. White Wolf has seemingly perfected the anti-innerdude formula. Not even GURPS made me bounce that...
  13. innerdude

    A Mythic Earth

    Three words: Guy Gavriel Kay
  14. innerdude

    That Thread in Which We Ruminate on the Confluence of Actor Stance, Immersion, and "Playing as if I Was My Character"

    I don't think it's controversial to say that early editions of D&D had a number of mechanisms that were internally at odds with creating "immersive" play experiences. Not to say that you couldn't immerse, just that there were lots of artifacts getting in the way. Gaming the "XP is gold" system...
  15. innerdude

    The (Un)Official, Metaversal Murphy's Laws of RPGs

    57. The probability of your current campaign coming to an unexpected end / TPK / falling apart due to "real world reasons" is directly proportional to how much you are enjoying it.