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    Savage Worlds - New player, comments and questions

    I'd say on the whole, Adventure Edition is overall better than prior versions, though I'd say the best parts of Savage Worlds AE (or SWADE as it's often abbreviated) are in the magic rules. By far the best magic rules of the 3 editions I've played (Explorer's Edition, Deluxe, AE), and it's not...
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    Social Distancing and Dragons

    I personally have never understood the appeal of Roll20. I've never used Fantasy Grounds, so I don't have that as a comparison, but I find Roll20's user interface / user experience to be clunky at best, and nigh infuriating at worst. When I discovered Tabletop Simulator on Steam, it was...
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    If you have an interest in fantasy mapping -- Affinity suite 50% off

    If anyone here has an interest in trying their hand at fantasy mapping, the Affinity design suite applications (Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher) are 50% regular price. This is an AMAZING deal for some equally amazing software. You won't find a better piece of image...
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    FFG's SWRPG - If you could only choose one, which one would you choose?

    Funny, I was kind of in the same boat. I own EotE, and really like it. I've read through AoR, but I didn't really see anything that stood out to me as being "vital." I did end up buying Force and Destiny last week, just because my FLGS happened to have it in stock and no one's really sure when...
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    Gaming as a way to satisfy basic human needs

    Article is specifically around video gaming, but there's enormous food for thought here for pen-and-paper as well: Don't have time for lengthy commentary at the moment, but want to dive in...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    I'm not advocating for GM force to change a character. Nor am I asking for "forced change" from the system, if the player doesn't want it. But that's the key phrase---if the player doesn't want it. I'm suggesting that I'd actually like to play a game with players who DO want it. I want them to...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    Very good questions. Most of the above, in a sense (other than adding more GM force, which I really have no interest in). I'm fairly aware of systems out there that shift the focus from "procedural" resolution to "scene-based" resolution (Burning Wheel, Cortex+, Fate, PbtA/BitD, etc.). And...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    Look, just to be perfectly clear: I've done semi-professional theater (i.e., I've actually been paid to act on stage). Granted, it was hardly a sum worth talking about, but nonetheless . . . . I've performed Shakespeare any number of times. Doing a convincing British accent is hard. (For...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    Absolutely this. Flaffing about spouting Shakespearean witticisms in a faux-British accent (I'm American) isn't remotely the same as creating a substantive, character-driven arc. (No offence intended to any Brits or Shakespeare fans on the board! I'm a regular attendee of our state's renowned...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    Had to comment here, as I've been following the thread closely since I wrote the OP, but haven't replied to anything in particular since. At first glance, this would be the type of thing I'm talking about---a conscious decision made by the players to have some kind of internalized character...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    I've been thinking a lot lately about how despite having a tremendous amount of fun with RPGs over the years, I continue have a sense of lack, or dissatisfaction with one particular aspect of my play experiences---namely, I have found it to be nigh impossible to drift into what I would consider...
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    Which TTRPGs have you GMed or played?

    As a player, In chronological order of first time I experienced the system: BECMI / Rules Cyclopedia Top Secret S.I. D&D 3.5 D20 Modern Star Wars Saga Edition (d20) D&D 4e (a single session) Pathfinder 1 GURPS 3e Savage Worlds GURPS 4e D&D 5e (2 sessions total) Dungeon World Of those, I've...
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    The Thread In Which We Rant

    Dear Self: You've been gaming with largely the same group for 7+ years. Why do you keep expecting them to wake up one morning and adopt your own roleplaying preferences? The powergamer is always going to be the powergamer, the special snowflake player is still going to be the special snowflake...
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    RGB lit dice coming to a Kickstarter near you soon

    It's amazing . . . didn't know these existed 30 seconds ago, and now I must .... have .... them.
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    What game systems or stand alone games have you not played, but would like to try?

    My current top two: Spellbound Kingdoms: The combat system alone was enough to get me to consider this, but the setting and premise, and the whole "You can defeat a character by destroying something they love" conceit sounds amazing. Swords of the Serpentine: I own Night's Black Agents, but...