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    5E Mearls and Thompson (and Crawford) at DigiPen (video)

    I did a search, but I don't think these were ever discussed here. Mike Mearls and Rodney Thompson did a post-mortem on the 5th Edition design process at DigiPen Institute of Technology back in 2015. Some of the stuff is old hat by now, as information has trickled out over the years, but it's...
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    5E Madness of Juiblex

    A little tidbit preview from the D&D Twitter feed that I hadn't seen posted yet. It gives an idea of the kinds of madness characters might encounter. Interestingly, I note that none of it is mechanical.
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    5E Let's Read the D&D Next Playtest

    So I was kicking this idea around for a while, as part of my own personal retrospective on the 5e design process, and since a couple people have expressed interest in what the playtest was like, I thought I'd go ahead and do it. So this is going to be broad strokes, since there are a lot of...
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    OD&D [Let's Read] Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, by Tom Moldvay

    So, we've entered Golden Week in Japan, so I thought I'd try catching up on all of my various unfinished "Let's Read" threads. First up, Moldvay Basic and... Treasure I must confess, having imprinted on B/X when I hatched from my RPG egg, that I will always have a soft spot for lettered...
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    5E Just What Is Available For Free

    As a lazy way to spend a Saturday, I decided to look at just how much content was available to a DM who didn't buy any of the Core Books. This first look is at Monsters, which take up the most of the free available PDFs. Just to provide a baseline, the Monster Manual provides 429(!) distinct...
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    5E Blast From the Past - Earliest D&DN Panels

    After the announcement of 5th Edition in early January, 2012, our first chance to really get juicy information came later that month at the D&D Experience. There were three panels regarding Next, and an NDA-bound open playtest. The three panels were Charting the Course, with Mike Mearls, Monte...
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    5E Did The Finished 5th Edition Change Anyone's Mind?

    Throughout the long playtest, there were a lot of highs and lows, moments of anticipation, and even for those excited for 5e, moments of extreme disappointment (I still miss that one iteration of the Rogue...) Of course, there were plenty of opportunities to rage-quit, and many declarations...
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    5E Legends & Lore - A Retrospective

    A while back I floated the idea of looking at Mearls' L&L articles from before the announcement of 5e, and comparing them with how the final game turned out, once all of the core three were released. Now all three books are out and we have had a bit of time to digest them, so I thought I would...
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    5E - Thoul

    With my DMG, I tried my hand at creating a Basic D&D Thoul for 5e. What do you think? I was rather surprised at how closely I was able to mimic the Basic version. It's got the same AC, and does roughly the same damage. The HP are much higher, scaling with 5e damage. The CR of 1 works out...
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    Listening to Acquisitions Incorporated Season 1!

    I so enjoyed the latest Acquisitions Incorporated Live Game at PAX that I decided to go back and listen to all the podcasts and rewatch all the live games. Here are my impressions! Acquisitions Incorporated, Season 1, Episode 1 Listen to it here. The story begins in May 2008, before the 4e...
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    5E Some numbers on Greenest (HotDQ spoilers)

    I was seized by a fit of low-level number crunching, and decided to see how experience played out for the first episode of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Here's what I have. A generally successful party of 4 is assumed. Seek the Keep There are a number of different ways to approach this. The 8...
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    5E Mike Mearls Interview with the Escapist

    Link here. A pretty interesting interview, I thought. It explains why the rules for hiding aren't as clearly laid out as some folks would like.
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    5E D&D Website Redesign (And a Tyranny of Dragons Teaser Video)

    If people were worried about D&D art becoming too family friendly or "PC", there's a pic of a bosomy lich that's, like, five different kinds of wrong.
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    5E Opening Page of the PHB

    This reminds me of a Larry Elmore story. One day the TSR art department was visited by a fantasy artist -- I can't remember who it was -- and everyone in the department was giddy with excitement. And people were telling Elmore to show him this picture, which everyone really liked and Elmore...
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    The Caller and the Mapper

    I've started a new thread to give this a fuller response. In OD&D, AD&D, and Expert D&D (<- my more accurate alternative to "Basic D&D"), there were two roles that players could take on for the party. The Caller's job was to keep track of what the party was doing and relay this information to...