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  1. irrg

    Check Out The Cover of the Upcoming Doctor Who: Second Edition RPG!

    Maybe it’s because we only play DW at cons but I’ve never had issues with any of the rules needing any help. It’s a very simple system and aside from con games being more flush with…whatever they call bennies in Vortex…I’m curious what they’d bring to the table. (Also played a con game of...
  2. irrg

    TSR Just when you thought it was all over.... now there’s a fourth TSR!

    Does anyone know if "Michael" is in the TSR 3.5 fork of TSR 3 or the Wonderflailed branch? I'm trying to make sense of this comedy of errors and it only makes sense when he's with TSR 3.5. Except his employer changed to Wonderfilled on LinkedIn. My personal attempt to make sense of this is that...
  3. irrg

    Exploring the rainy streets of Cyberpunk Manchester in Jeff Noon's Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Ga

    I can speak to this a little if Lee doesn't mind… previously I've played The Strange, Numenera and for the past two years had the pleasure of being in two of Ravendesk's Gen Con sessions. The first year, it was just me and my wife and this past August we dragged a whole group into the Saturday...
  4. irrg

    WotC's 2017 Convention Schedule Includes New Hascon, No GenCon

    Right. And things like Pax need it more, since it's exposing a new crowd to tabletop RPGs as a whole. Seeing Gary Con and Gamehole on the list, though, makes me think that a) I need to check them out as they're closer to my location than Gen Con by far, and b) there's got to be some kind of...
  5. irrg

    WotC's 2017 Convention Schedule Includes New Hascon, No GenCon

    Gen Con being D&D to anyone is funny to me, because as someone who's only been going for a few years… I can play D&D with my local group, and if I didn't have that group I could probably find another. Gen Con is every other game that I'm interested in for me. I go there to threathen to blow...