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    5E Planescape: Fantasy Taken to the Edge (5e conversion)

    That's a great example of why I'm wrestling with this. I want very much to keep the weird planar flavor of this strangely wound web of magic, but not at the expense of too much player creativity. Also I'm not terribly great at memorizing all the specific changes across planes so on a...
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    5E Planescape: Fantasy Taken to the Edge (5e conversion)

    Thanks to Quickleaf and others for getting this ball rolling. I too am eagerly prepping for a 5e planescape game I'll be running after the MM comes out, already have players lined up. I've been gleefully reading through all my old material, and the thing I've been pondering the most is spell...
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    5E Help with Planescape minutia

    Hey all, So I'm planning on running my first 5e game, and I'll be going back to my favorite setting of Planescape. The first part of the game will end up focusing heavily on a conflict between Baator and Mount Celestia, the player's will end up spending significant amounts of time in the...