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    3E/3.5 Spells On Demand v1.1 (At-will spells in 3.5 Edition)

    Problem 2 .. throwing Quickened, Empowered, Maximized magic missiles Well ... while at will Magic missile can be given, (and in the game only need a 1 level slot), all these metamagic modifications made it 10 lev. slot spell ( +4 quick, +2 empovered, +3 maximized ... there is no way in the...
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    3E/3.5 Will you still play 3.5?

    I think i will keep playing 3.5 for a while ... it is not perfect, but i like it ... and as long as now, i cannot see in 4 ed. nothing so cool to make me switch .. maybe i will reconsider it when all the books will be out ...
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    4E What are the 4E changes you like?

    Point Build Fixed HP Angels of any allignement ( Dark angels are cool!!!!) Minions Point of light Fixed Xp for monsters ( like in 2 ed.)
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    3E/3.5 4E Simulationism: Did 3.5E Really Do That Good of a Job?

    Just pretending to have fun??? :eek: Hope you are joking .... why someone should 'pretend to have fun? I do not say that someone can say '3E just requires to much thinking for me' , so will be happy for something that is not requiring this terrible effort ... but some other people can have...
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    4E 4e DDI rules database vs D&D print books?

    When i play, i do not like to be slave to Internet or PC ... so i will always go for books ... good old reliable books .. and my eyes will be happy, too ...
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    4E The Orc and the Pie - 4E

    :D :D :cool:
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    4E I have seen the coming of 4e...

    Yes, it is what i feel too ... i really agree with your sentence ... the only thing I do not like is calling it D&D 4.0, they should have selected just any different name .. it has nothing to do with D&D, is just for commercial reason. And as I like present game (3.5) , even with the weak spots...
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    4E 5th edition - 2015? Or is 4ed the last?

    My guess is 2011 for 4.5 , 2014 5 ed. announce, 2015 for 5 Ed. released.
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    4E SRM Marking Marked and Other 4Eisms

    I have the same feeling :( !
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    Old School Wizard

    One of the things that upset me with 3 ed. is the idea that wizards, when gaining a level, just find a couple of new spell in their book ... coming from nowhere ( sorcerers as well, but they have a different story ..). Most of youngest player i know do not even remember about wizards having a...
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    Squared FireBalls?

    Along with the concept that diagonal count as the side of a square ( no more 1,5 times), we have to consider that in 4 Ed. Fireball ( and all the like) will expand in a squared space ??? Seems very odd to me :confused: ...
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    4E Is my friend's unwillingness to try 4e irrational?

    I just hope you are wrong ;) ... but only time will tell us :cool: .... maybe some kink of 3.75 will go on on his path ... I think there will be freedom for everyone to chose ... and besides ... after all, we do not know what 4 ed. will really be when June comes ...
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    4E Yuan-Ti should be a PC race in 4e.

    Yuan-Ti (at least Purebloods) are cool :cool: !!! I use them in my game ... with their intelligence and wisdom they deserve an important role in all intrigues .. as they can confuse with umans and make proselites, they are fantastic acting in the swadows, behind the nobles !!
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    3E/3.5 I love 3E. I love 4E. I'm mad!

    New is not always better ... despite few problems, i like 3.5 ed. .. i feel the idea that anything became suddenly bad just because there is a new release to sell, is not nice ( see Microsoft..) ..
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    3E/3.5 Problems with 3.5 I don't wanna see in 4th

    I agree with most of your points ... except point 2 and 9 ... invisibility is non too unbalancing, and there are many ways to survive 'detect evil' for a skilled villain