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Recent content by Jer

  1. J

    Now You Too Can Jump Into The Adventure Zone

    Lots of work for something that is basically "generic Dungeons & Dragons gameworld with Adventure Zone jokes in it". It isn't the kind of fully fleshed out world that Matt Mercer has for Critical Role - the book would basically be a pamphlet or would have a whole bunch of stuff that isn't...
  2. J

    RPG For Power Rangers Coming

    Better than cheaper - the way licensing works Hasbro is getting paid to let Renegade use the Power Rangers. It's not just cheaper, it's money in their pocket directly for a product they don't have to create or market.
  3. J

    D&D 3E/3.5 Monsters in the Miniatures Handbook

    BTW - if anyone would like a legitimate digital copy of this book for their own games, it is available for purchase on DM's Guild: Miniatures Handbook (3.5) - Wizards of the Coast | Dungeons & Dragons 3.x | Dungeons & Dragons 3.x | D&D | Dungeon Masters Guild
  4. J

    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    My 13th Age group wrapped up a long-running campaign the other week (which likely would have taken us another year if COVID stay-at-home hadn't caused us all to have free time open up for weekly online instead of monthly in-person gaming), so we started an ICONS game this week. First session...
  5. J

    D&D General Which era and style/flavor of the Forgotten Realms do you play in?

    At the time people really did think that the differences between 1e and 2e rules needed a huge reality shifting event to "explain away" the differences. Seems kind of funny these days, given how close 1e and 2e are when compared to 3e and later editions.
  6. J

    The Yellow King RPG Has Arrived

    I was a Kickstarter backer for this and finally with my gaming group playing weekly now during the lockdown we might actually get an opportunity to try it out. BTW - Pelgrane has posted all of their Free RPG Day PDFs on their website as a "Donate What You Want" to Doctors Without Borders...
  7. J

    Chaosium Releases Basic Role Playing SRD

    I don't get it. Unless there's some necessary requirement for them to have an SRD for the "community" sites on DriveThru I don't see what they gain by doing this and I don't see what another publisher gains from taking advantage of it. It's like Chaosium still doesn't believe in the benefits...
  8. J

    D&D General Is "official" lore important to you?

    I normally would have voted a straight "no" but it turns out that I have a specific hangup or two in that the idea that they shoved Eberron's cosmology into the Great Wheel cosmology just grates at me. So I'm not as immune to canon changes as I thought I was I guess.
  9. J

    How has the Coronavirus affected your roleplaying games?

    We have a game scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, but one of my players has a weakened immune system so we're going to play via Roll20 on Sunday and see how it goes. (I've played distance games with Roll20 and Discord before, but not with this group and none of them have ever played online, so...
  10. J

    Critical Role Critical Role has a Munchkin Game coming!

    Pretty soon everyone will have their own Munchkin game too.
  11. J

    D&D 5E How should 5th edition introduce the remaining classic settings?

    I really think this is a "it depends on the setting" question. Some settings I think they should just open up on the DM's Guild and let the fan productions take the lead. Mystara is a good example of this because there's a dedicated fanbase, but it's not huge, and honestly most of us don't...
  12. J

    On Choice, Consequence and the Right to Fail

    I want to turn this back around because I'm feeling like I don't understand the dilemma that you're facing: What would happen if they instead followed the story path where it was leading them and then there was a TPK there? Would the campaign be over? Should it be over? Would you feel the...
  13. J

    D&D 5E What level do you typically start at for a new campaign?

    Typically these days when I run 5e I'm training kids to play, which means 1st level all around because easing into the rules makes the most sense. (My long term table of experienced gamers - if we ever wanted to play 5e - would probably insist on starting at level 5. At a minimum. But also if...
  14. J

    DM question: how much do you incorporate PC backgrounds into the campaign?

    Depends on the group and the game. For the tables with newer players they don't really want to create much in the way of backgrounds because they're learning how to play. So we mostly they pick some backgrounds, use those traits to figure out "why are you all together and why are you in this...
  15. J

    D&D 5E The Flaw in Each Campaign Adventure (Spoilers)

    I suspect audience expectations may be playing into it then. The group I'm playing with doesn't have anything to compare it to and so they're enjoying it, and I specifically picked it to be a "standard" D&D dungeon crawl so it's kind of generic nature is a plus instead of a minus. (I do agree...