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    D&D 5E Charm Person ends if caster does something harmful to target. Is hurting the target's ally harmful?

    As always, ask your DM because they are the final say. My definition of harm may be broader than others. They could have used the word damage - but selected a different word. To me, harm is different than damage, and damage is not a pure subset of harm. For example, if you charm a parent...
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    D&D General Players who take Excruciatingly long turns: solution?

    In my session 0s, I remind players that their PCs are going every 6 seconds, so the player should not be spending a lot of time deciding what to do. It is fine if they need time to look up a rule to adjudicate what they decide to do. It is not fine if they waffle back and forth for several...
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    D&D 5E What would be better build for a Swordsman?

    Also a good option. The monk seems more 'control and finesse' while the barbarian gives us more wild fury as an angle. The ranger spellcasting can be reskinned pretty easily. Disguise Self, Speak with Animals, Hunter's Mark, Zephyr Strike, Longstrider, Jump, Animal Friendship, Beast Bond...
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    D&D 5E What would be better build for a Swordsman?

    If you want the 'greatest' one handed swordsman, I am picturing someone that does a lot of damage, does amazing things with the sword, and doesn't rely upon magic. They may also do some fun things with their body as they attack with the sword. To me, I also picture them being lightly armored...
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    D&D 5E What House / 3rd Party / Optional Rule changed your game the most?

    1.) Pants. 2.) My magic system. Arcane, Divine and Nature Magic are conveyed via the 'Spellweave'. The Nature spells draw magic from the sources of the Weave (the Positive and Negative Energy Planes), the Divine magic is pushed through the weave to spellcasters by the Divine, and the Arcane...
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    D&D General Sigil's Backroom (Planescape Spin-off)

    My Lady of Pain is a Straight out of Hellraiser Cenobite. Her nature and the path Sigil took to the Astral are not coincidental in my game ... and she is not unfamiliar with that Ravenloft domain...
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    D&D General Sigil's Backroom (Planescape Spin-off)

    The start of your post reminds me of a part of my setting: In my setting, my Sigil floats in the Astral Sea, but originally was a location in the Prime Material Plane that was violently ripped from the Prime and throw into the Astral when the Far Realm Cosmology collided with the Prime...
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    Critical Role EXU: Calamity Discussion (Spoilers)

    Question for folks: How would you have felt as a player in a homebrew game where something similar to Calamity was attempted: Setting an adventure in the far past and using a game with a railroad element to communicate lore to the players? It struck me that I've done something similar in the...
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    D&D General Where has the antiquities dealer gone?

    If Mrs. Benali is a spellcaster, or is good friends with a spellcaster: She went nowhere and far away at the same time. She has been hiding in Mordenkainen's Magnificant Mansion. The entrance to it is someplace out of the way, likely unconnected to her activities but available (a warehouse...
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    D&D 5E Best way to deal with greedy players and magic items in a fun game.

    D&D is a role playing game. Characters play a role in a story. Up and until character decisions make things bad for the players, it is best to think in character. The PCs kill a dragon (yeah) and find the treasure pile. In it is a magic longsword, a magic ring, 4 magic scrolls, 6 nonmagical...
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    Critical Role EXU: Calamity Discussion (Spoilers)

    Spoilers: BLM did an amazing job delivering an experience. As a DM, I'd put that up there as one of the best overall deliveries I've ever seen. Great job given the constraints, but there were a few things that I agree diminished the execution a bit (minor gripes): 1.) It felt like it 'kind...
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    Sirens: Battle of the Bards: An Interview With Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone (Apotheosis Studios)

    While I generally believe this to be true, I think there are expections where they've talked through how they'll handle something that is potentially problematic, and then the prepare for how to deal with it. I don't think it goes as far as a script, but I think it happens. An example is the...
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    D&D 5E Cover and other grid issues?

    Those of us that played DDM were likely all sensitive to the 'any corner' idea. It was a big part of the strategy back then, and in some Maps (Drow Outpost) there were a few locations that had very sneaky lines of sight that were very powerful. However. we don't all stick closely to the...
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    Critical Role EXU: Calamity Discussion (Spoilers)

    In theory it is possible to not watch the entire things tonight. In. Theory.
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    Critical Role "Exandria Unlimited: Calamity" Border Changes

    They show more and more crack and people really appreciate it. I do it and ... ... the same.