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    Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    Oh wow. Ok then. Hmmm hopefully they'll update it. It's not terrible. But it's not in line with what's been done so far. Thanks for checking that.
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    Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    I'm pretty sure the cover is a mock-up or comp/placeholder. This has been done on other WotC books prior to official release. I'm sure it'll either be better or reworked OR completely different upon release.
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    GM looking for a weekend group

    Experienced GM looking to start a new weekend group. System to be determined by the group. I am comfortable running(in no particular order): Pathfinder DnD 4e, 3.x, 2nd ed, AD&D Savage Worlds (and it's settings) Legend of the Five Rings (1 & 4th) Alternity Star Wars d6 FATE based games Dragon...
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    PF Age of Worms questions for Pathfinder

    Hi all, So I am just now coming to Pathfinder. As a former 3.X DM who got burned out, I stopped playing d20 systems til 4E came out. I've been running that since then and have loved it. However, I've missed some of the crunchiness of the 3.X game. My players love Pathfinder. I have been...
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    Retraining Powers - Need help

    So I asked my group for updated character sheets, so I could have a backup copy in case anyone was out a game. I haven't done this since we first started, as most of the time we ran "generic" replacements or had the absent player's character out of harms way. I got my Fighter's character sheet...
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    4E Is there a monster repository like

    Ok, I love me some Great resource for extra characters when I don't have the time, a place I store my groups characters so I can review them, keep extra copies yada yada yada. But is there a place where people can upload/download monsters for the monster builder? Thanks!
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    Feywild and the Forgotten Realms Cosmos

    Quick question concerning the Feywild. Since it is listed as a parallel world to the prime material, and in this case Abeir-Toril, do the Dieties of the Realms have influence here? Are they worshiped? I have a story involving Shar and Selune with my party in the middle. They have currently...
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    Need help: Stealth/skill check in combat

    I'm having a senior moment this morning, I had a player try to basically hide in plain sight(or rather behind a large cauldron) in combat. For the life of me, I cannot remember if it is a move action to use a skill or a standard or what have you. I looked it up and didn't see it. Now this...
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    Monster question: Fire Beetle Fire Spray incur OA?

    This came up last night. In the 3 levels of gaming we've done(roughly 10 sessions) this hasn't come up. I ruled that it would draw an opportunity attack because it is an area attack. The dragonborn fighter was taking on a fire beetle. On the beetle's turn, it did it's close blast Fire Spray...
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    Confused about Commanding a Beast Companion

    So I run a 4e game every other week. I let one of my players create a beast master with raptor. According to his interpretation he and the bird can move at the same time, if he chooses. Ok. Taking this logic, then he could then have either or be on Defend. Correct? But if this is not the...
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    Dungeon Delve question

    If this is the wrong place for this, please move. That being said. I like the book, and am going to use Delve 3 Orc Stronghold this week. But I'm confused about the "hilltop keep". It's referred to as a keep and as a "lord's" home. Which is it? If it's a keep, then I can see it as is fine...
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    Help. I can't seem to find exactly what the effects of dominate are? Looking in the MM, I find that the description in the Aboleth write up doesn't explain it. Either that, or I've overlooked it. Can someone point me in the right direction, please? Thanks.
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    Need help with a possible skill challenge

    Hey all, I have an upcoming game where the PC's have followed the tracks of a band of goblin raiders back to their lair. This "lair" has been mentioned/referred to for some time in found notes and letters. It's a variant on the Barrow of the Ogre King from the FRCS. Basically, they've...
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    Default setting-is there more?

    Ok, I like the default setting alot more than I would have thought. With the addition of Heathen from the WotC site, it spurred my interest for more info on this world. A larger map of the world would be great. In short, more baby, more!! Here's the area's/publications I know that have some...
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    GM's-Are you ever overwhelmed on which world to run?

    So I haven't run a consistent campaign in almost 2 years now. Work, family... life in general have kept me from doing so. But now my kids are getting older and may even play if I start running again. I find myself overwhelmed with gaming options. There are so many worlds to choose from, I...