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    Paizo PaizoCon Online Coming In May

    Not even 24 hours into GM signup and more than 600 tables (of the whopping 2800 events scheduled) have a GM!
  2. jib916

    Paizo PaizoCon Online Coming In May

    It will be free
  3. jib916

    News Digest for the Week of March 13

    Roll for Combat is doing it this time around, so I assume that takes some of the burden away from Paizo on those issues.
  4. jib916

    News Digest for the Week of March 13

    No mention of Rpg Supertar returning? The biggest news all week xD https://rpgsuperstar.com/
  5. jib916

    5E D&D Digital Plans To Be Revealed On February 21st

    Digital Tools? Perhaps Hasbro has seen the popularity of DND Beyond and wants to profit on in that market? Is there any information out there about the license to Curse (to produce DND Beyond) and if it is indefinite? I always wondered about this and was one of the reasons I have always been...
  6. jib916

    Talking 52 in 52 with Owen KC Stephens

    Preordered mine and excited! Some really neat ideas and concepts planned in the year, and can't wait to see what (Owen) comes up with!
  7. jib916

    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    To be fair (and as mentioned before in the thread by multiple people) Amazon is a not the greatest gauge to estimate sales / interest in Pathfinder. One of the reasons 5e is doing so well on amazon, is because it is the main outlet to purchase it online. Want to buy a 5e book directly from...
  8. jib916

    General Generate a One Page Dungeon with One Click!

    I do not know if that is compliment to the Random Dungeon Creator or saying something about Dyson's style.. Not a big fan myself. Was Kinda bummed when WOTC ditched beautiful full color maps for these. Another reason I moved on to PF2 however... But back on topic.... xD The Generator is...
  9. jib916

    PF2E The Pathfinder Society in 2E

    Really liking the Archetype system for PF2 and all the options that have come out since launch!
  10. jib916

    5E Here's The Stuff Gale Force 9 Is Releasing For Eberron

    Those maps look awesome!
  11. jib916

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Cleric, Druid, Wizard Options

    Why the sudden releases of multiple class options in UA after months of little to no content? Are these for the upcoming Ebberon book? Or Perhaps a (unannounced) Guide to Everything 2 (or something similar) Or is WOTC feeling the pressure to create more player driven content with the release...
  12. jib916

    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Amazon seems to be a great indicator of how well 5e is doing, but I would say that does not apply equally to Pathfinder. Currently (Online) DND does not sell books directly, while Paizo does. I suspect that Paizo has a large percentage of there business thorough there website and subscriptions...
  13. jib916

    Nat 20 rule. Is it immersion breaking?

    Hasn't Pathfinder (And Most DND Before 5e's Bounded Accuracy) been this way in terms of immersion? Sure Nat 20s and 1s are a thing, but A Higher Level fighter always had a higher AC that low level goblins had a hard time (if not impossible) hitting.
  14. jib916

    PF2E It's Finally Here! The Pathfinder 2E Review

    Sweet! Ill be moving (back) to Pathfinder from 5e and stoked about PF2's potential :)