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Recent content by joela

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    Wulf, Glassjaw, your TB campaign(s)

    To Wulf and Glassjaw, How are your TB campaigns coming along? Testing any new houserules?
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    More Fighter Abilities

    Inspired by the following post and my enjoyment of the DnD 4e fighter, could y'all post / link various resources granting fighter more abilities beyond feats? I heart, for example, fighter's punishing strike from Bad Axe Game's Trailblazer).
  3. J

    Anyone using Trailblazer to "optimize" their 3.x Game?

    As the title says. Bad Axe Games based its Trailblazer supp on the 3.x rules, though the modular rules can be incorporated into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  4. J

    Not OSC

    My question's probably been already answered, but I'm curious as to the reasoning the ten minute rest period and iterative attacks are closed content.
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    Trailblazer as a standalone product

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    Anyone using 3PP Pathfinder-compatible material for their 3.x games?

    Anyone using Pathfinder rpg-compatible third-party products in their 3.x games? Examples include Super Genius Games Archetype supps, various Open Design products, etc.
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    Making Trailblazer More Popular / Well-known

    Inspired by this thread. So, any ideas? Post everywhere that there's an alternative to Pathfinder? Team up with 3PP to write mods for 3.x SRD/TB mix? Petition Bad Axe to start a patron project to publish said mix as a tome? How would you get the word out about Trailblazer?
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    House Rules - Your Opinion?

    I'm thinking of trying out a couple of houserules for my TB arc. They are: 1) Spell casters regain spell slots as per the 10 minute day as per TB. However, all spells cast are at minimum caster level for all level-based effects. Thus, a 10th level wizard casting a 3rd level fireball would...
  9. J


    My gaming group's planning our Thursday night games for 2011. While I'm primarily going to be running Sundered Skies by Triple Ace, I'll be running a short Trailblazer campaign intermittently with the 3.x ruleset. Is there any recent TB errata that I should be aware of before I run the campaign?
  10. J

    Generic Classes -- In play

    Anyone ever use the Generic Classes rules option in UE? Thinking of using it with some houserules for a limited campaign. Thanks in advance!
  11. J

    Combat Reactions expanded?

    Interesting. The Genius Guide to Feats of Immediate Action (PFRPG) PDF
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    Trailblazer san 10 Minute Rest Day, Action Points

    All things being equal, what impact would there be in a typical Trailblazer adventure if the standard “The 10 Minute Adventuring Day” was used? What about if there were no Action Points?
  13. J

    Using Bard Spells Known Progression table for Spellcasters

    What would be the impact on a game if clerics, druids, sorcerers, and wizards used the bard's spell progression charts to determine their spell slots and spells know? I think it would make a campaign slightly more low-magic.
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    D&D 5E Ultimate Magic Playtesting to Start Next Week

    W00t! Prepare to Play with Fire
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    Pathfinder 1E Trailblazing and Pathfinder's APG

    What does everyone think of the Advanced Players Guide by Paizo? I'm especially droolin' over the Archetype system and seeing if it can be adopted to Trailblazer.