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    Worlds of Design: RPG Gods - Benign or Malign?

    Other questions: What keeps the gods from interfering personally with the setting? There should be realms where the will of the gods will shape the environment, like a master dreamer or illusionist or holo-deck programmer directing their wishes, and then possibly hardcopy it into the setting...
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    Worlds of Design: RPG Gods - Benign or Malign?

    Coming from RuneQuest and Glorantha, my questions are maybe a little different. Assuming that gods are real in the setting, and that they were involved in the creation of the setting, or at least aspects of that setting, or that they entered the setting at some point after its creation (or...
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    Delving Beneath the Surface of Runequest: Glorantha

    There was recently a debate on whether Warhammer Fantasy should be counted as part of the D100/BRP/RQ family, and from my recollections of the game, there isn't much of a learning curve switching between this system and RQ. The Strike Rank system needs a short introduction...
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    Delving Beneath the Surface of Runequest: Glorantha

    I claim first mention with my mention of "anthropomorphic waterfowl". I have run campaigns in Glorantha where nobody got exposed to any ducks, at least not in personal interaction. Hard to avoid if you are active near Beast Valley or the Upland Marsh, or riverine wetlands in general, but they...
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    Delving Beneath the Surface of Runequest: Glorantha

    I switched to RuneQuest when AD&D 1st ed still was alive and kicking, because the rules were so much less complicated. And there are no levels, no character classes, with the cults offering magic and a few specialist skills much like prestige classes used to do in those handbooks for fighters...
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    Conventions All Report Record Attendance

    Essen Spiel is held on a commercial fair area, in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Essen. You need an exhibitioner's day pass to walk in and out freely, your ordinary day pass or pass for several days allows you to enter once on a given day and to leave whenever you want. Essen doesn't...
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    Congratulations To The 2018 ENnies Nominees!

    Not a single D&D nomination at all?
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    Is It Worth Printing Your Own Miniatures?

    For the terrain market, a variant of 3D-printing might be printing molds (or master models for molds) for plaster surfaces or cast resin which then could be assembled into buildings or landscape items.
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    The Difficulties Of Running Low Magic Campaigns

    A somewhat heretical way to keep the players engaged is to allow them to accrue magical properties for their existing gear. By using the sword in a heroic way to slay a major monster, the player may inherit a bonus using this sword against this class of monsters. No idea how well this could sit...
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    New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 19th February 2018

    I had to smile at the Cults of Terror announcement - apart from a mention of RuneQuest Classic, this could announcement have come from the eighties of last century. A mention of the venerable age of this supplement would have been nice. That said, it has stood the test of time, and it's about...
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    What is distinctive about fantasy RPGing? Or sci fi?

    While I don't think that entitities like the Christian god should interact with a SF setting, an equivalent of polytheistic divinities like the elves of Iceland or the spirits of Japanese stories might be feasible in a soft SF setting which has distinct but overlapping realities, and entities...
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    How "alive" should the world be - outside the scope of the PCs?

    I usually use a "living world" method to arrive at my scenarios, a lot of which are at best prepared as a sandbox. Basically, when I describe a problem, there is usually someone causing that problem through his actions. In that case, I try to determine that someone's reasons to cause this...