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    Best Licensed RPG: Discuss the Best Adaptation of a Movie/Book to an RPG that You've Ever Played!

    That Humanx book was great. I dont play GURPS, but I got a lot of game mileage out of that one.
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    Pulp Cthulhu! (7e) North Carolina

    Btw, you might try here as well: Winston Salem Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Meetup (Winston Salem, NC)
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    Pulp Cthulhu! (7e) North Carolina

    Dang. Just moved away from that area.
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    Worlds of Design: "Your Character Wouldn't Do That"

    I’m in a fuzzy grey area here. I don’t think I’ve ever used that actual phrase, but I’ll flip the question around. I will not accept “it’s what my character would do” as an excuse for being a jerk or deliberately disrupting a game.
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    Gamers in Winston-Salem, NC

    Hey all, I'm looking for gamers in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Not necessarily for D&D, but really just about any type of gaming. John D
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    MarsCon, Williamsburg, VA, Jan 20-22, 2006

    MarsCon ( is looking for GameMasters. If you're interested, or would like more info, contact JD
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    Winston-Salem, NC

    Just a quick note for folks in the Winston-Salem area. We're looking for a couple more folks interested in Champions (Hero System, 5th Edition). We play every other Saturday at Pair-A-Dice games on COuntry Club Rd (our next session will be Nov 19). If you'd like more info yuo can contact me...