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Recent content by John R Davis

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    Paizo Jessica Price (ex Paizo employee) spills the beans

    Sad..I haven't transitioned to PF2 so haven't supported them with money in a long while but I do hope they get things sorted in good order
  2. J

    D&D 5E Beware the Jabberwock! D&D Beyond has a sneak preview of the "The Wild Beyond the Witchlight" monster!

    Really Poor. Should be a challenge 20, its the flamborious jabberjock for flingles sake!
  3. J

    I've finally tried Paranoia, and I love it!!

    If you could report to recycling we can sort out your malfunction
  4. J

    Action Economy and Why Magic-Users Don't Wear Armor

    In 1980 dragonquest RPG iron interferes with the flow of magic, so even holding a longsword stops its creation. So leather and hide is fine, as is bronze armour
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    D&D 5E Tracy & Laura Hickman Announce Skyraiders of Abarax

    Is it " on " or " one" ? dragon's sylph. Looks of interest
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    D&D 5E Looting Monsters?

    Orcs are no longer foul twisted wretches so their weapons will be as diverse and upstanding as they are. The main issue will be carting stuff around and then finding a seller who would buy 10 suits of hide and 10 greataxes for example. I did remember reading that selling monster parts for their...
  7. J

    Starter Sets

    By crikey my Soulbound Starter set just turned up and for 18quid ( 25 dollars) it's brimming with stuff on really good quality paper/card and even the box internals have stuff on them. I am a sucker for these things ( have star trek, cthulhu, all the star wars ones, both DND 5). Will buy theDune...
  8. J

    As One Million Dollar Kickstarter Ends, Another Appears!

    KS certainly helps the little guy. Even if it only raise 3k say, it means you don't need to spend an initial risk of 1.5k on art, editing and such and then trying to sell and market on say drive thru. With KS within the month you know your exact budget.
  9. J

    Dragon Reflections #49

    DQ love, wahoo
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    D&D General I know it's not Christmas yet, but this D&D advent calendar...

    Yeah had to block it about 8 times in Facebook as it just kept popping up with a different sponsor
  11. J

    Number of players

    Four. Then I can run to three ( the odd absence) or five ( the odd guest).
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    Worlds of Design: Game Design vs. Story Framework

    Good article. I create a lot of gaming stuff but as I have no desire to write a novel such things never get in the way. I dislike characters with even slightly long backstories and the history in my gameworld rarely goes back beyond the lifespans of the last few generations. If stuff can't be...
  13. J

    Systems Where You Dread Running Combat

    Crikey Turnip. In WHFRP 2e it's even worse for whiffy dice rolls. The opening intro paragraph has a tale of a pc making lots rolls under 35% or something. Not gonna happen. The setting should be grimdark, not the system
  14. J

    D&D General Has the meaning of "roleplaying" changed since 1e?

    From the start players had characters that had quirks and personality, and relationships with other PCs. We used voices, we drew pictures of our PCs, we were saddened when we lost an ally, we were fearful for our own, we were cautious, curious, greedy, boastful etc. At some point games came...