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Recent content by John R Davis

  1. J

    So, Wandavision?

    Nice ending. And very cool costume!
  2. J

    D&D Movie/TV Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie

    Sophia Ellis is a rising star. Hope they save some budget for decent special effects
  3. J

    D&D Movie/TV Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie

    The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a 20th Level Paladin. Sense & Invisibility Loot Actually
  4. J

    Pathfinder 2E Is it time for a new Pathfinder Setting?

    I do play PF but I have never been grabbed by the setting. Have played/run lots APs, PFS, and one off modules. A new set of lands, history and pantheon would be a welcome thing. The best times i have had have been were the 'setting' hasn't got in the way, has been peripheral (like Kingmaker)...
  5. J

    So, Wandavision?

    very cool episode
  6. J

    TSR Running list of potential problematic issues in TSR era DnD

    A bunch of uninvited armed people go into a creatures abode; murder them; steal all their stuff.
  7. J

    D&D 5E Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book

    Least excited I've been and first HB i wont pre-order.
  8. J

    So, Wandavision?

    Least fav "comedy" part. Really like modern family but this didn't work for me. No idea who Agatha is, so will have to read all about her.
  9. J

    RPG Print News – Osprey Publishing, Ulisses Spiel, and More

    Yeah. I ordered it upon release ( as I really like some of Ospreys other RPGs). In my excitement didn't check the system, and very gutted when I saw its BRP-based. The book is otherwise well put together with great art and an interesting setting
  10. J

    So, Wandavision?

    Series gets better n better. Roll on next Friday!
  11. J

    EN Publishing EN Publishing Is Hiring!

    Should also commend you for offering a decent hourly rate.
  12. J

    EN Publishing EN Publishing Is Hiring!

    Nice you are expanding. Well done
  13. J

    D&D General How old were you when you started playing D&D?

    16, but played other RPGs before dnd
  14. J

    So, Wandavision?

    Very good episode 4
  15. J

    D&D 5E D&D Up 35% In 2020 While Virtual Play Rises 86%

    50th anniv version of 5.X would be good for me.