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Recent content by jsaving

  1. J

    On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%

    Yeah, my 5e groups are only dimly aware of Pathfinder to begin with and don't much care either way about PF2e. It's my PF1e group that looked forward to, and was mostly disappointed by, PF2e. Even they don't jeer though, they just wanted something different than what PF2e gave them.
  2. J

    On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%

    It's an unverifiable claim, but you don't really have much else to lean into if you know in your heart that the Pathfinder community is mostly embracing PF2e rather than being split in half by it. I personally just hope Pathfinder continues in some form because it's always a good thing to have...
  3. J

    D&D 5E Baldur's Gate III - *LIVE* Panel From Hell II

    Yes that's right, a substantial portion of the player base save-scummed every time a dialogue roll went against them, so Swen previously discussed dumbing things down in a future patch to ensure people could receive the dialogue results they wanted instead of the ones dictated by the dice...
  4. J

    D&D 4E Anyone playing 4e at the moment?

    Our group recently took a break from 5e/PF1e in favor of a brief 4e campaign, mainly because a few people in the group had a fondly remembered perception that 4e did a great job handling tactical combat. The end result was a unanimous resolution to stick with 5e/PF1e in the future. Is it...
  5. J

    D&D 5E Tasha's and Haste

    Haste grants a weaker version of the attack action that explicitly limits you to one swing of your weapon. It does that specifically to override the additional attacks that would otherwise trigger as part of a normal attack action. Because your extra claw attack is predicated on receiving a...
  6. J

    D&D 5E Attribute Score Method

    This is the main reason why people in some of my past gaming groups have supported rolling. :(
  7. J

    D&D 5E Boosting Sorcerers, Focus: Fun (+thread)

    I'm actually not sure the sorcerer needs to exist in a ruleset where wizards are able to (more or less) spontaneously cast. But if the sorcerer is going to exist, here are the changes I would make: 1 - Access to the entire wizard spell list. 2 - Ability to spontaneously apply metamagic feats...
  8. J

    Baldurs Gate 3

    With Stadia you basically use their hardware to run games and then see the result streamed to your monitor/device. So yes, it is actually designed let you play games your hardware isn't able to handle.
  9. J

    Baldurs Gate 3

    It's basically Divinity Original Sin 2 with a loosely fitting 5e shell over it. Looks great, sounds great, feels entertaining, will sell really well, but doesn't much resemble past BG titles except for having those words in its name.
  10. J

    D&D General Hit Point alternate to + CON mod?

    Well, MAD classes are balanced in part around the devs knowing you won't be able to max your key stats. So while I agree that making CON unnecessary helps MAD classes more than others, I'm not sure that should be considered an argument in favor of doing it.
  11. J

    D&D General Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series: Requiem The Final Episode

    My understanding is that EGG felt the kids' reliance on unusual magic items was taking the focus away from the AD&D ruleset and wanted to re-center the show on them using mechanics that would be more standard around the gaming table. Ironically, I'm not actually sure the show would have been...
  12. J

    D&D General What do do when a setting doesn't have magic?

    Depends on what you mean when you say the setting doesn't have magic. Do you mean magic works fine but your characters happen to be the first ones in history with the desire/ability/knowledge to use it? Do you mean magic is blocked in your world but all other sources of "unrealistic" abilities...
  13. J

    D&D 5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    How should one vote if the number of classes is too high but the number of well-designed classes is too low? That view doesn't mesh easily with the design of the poll but reflects how my group feels about 5e. In particular we'd love to see WotC take a hard look at the bard, druid, ranger...
  14. J

    Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide Review

    You put that better than I did but yes, that is what I was imperfectly trying to get at. No offense whatsoever intended to members of the 4e dev team or players who like PF2e.
  15. J

    Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide Review

    No I am not saying that. The problem with PF2e is not the number of archetypes and feats, which are high, but the limited ways in which you are allowed to combine them in the name of protecting you from bad multiclassing decisions. Adding more archetypes, which the APG does a nice job of...