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    Spelljammer Spelljammer Collector’s Guide Revisited

    How about this adventure I didnt see it listed? The Beholder Wars.
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    Press ATHASCON : A DARK SUN online convention

    My fellow Athasians, In celebration of Dark Sun's 31st anniversary, it is only fitting that we have a party in the desert, away from the prying eyes of templars! Athasacon is hosted and organized by fans of the Dark Sun campaign setting who come from all over the globe and share a common...
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    D&D General Dark Sun - City-State of Urik sourcebook

    Hope you and your players enjoy it!
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    D&D General Dark Sun - City-State of Urik sourcebook

    Fellow Athasians, For several months I’ve been posting on various sites such as this one about the City-State of Urik accessory I have been creating. It was an ambitious product, and after taking in some advice and recommendations I have finally completed it. Thanks to everyone who helped...
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    D&D 5E (+) What would you want for 5e Dark Sun?

    This is very similar to how i run it in my campaign (although I only jumped 40 yrs forward) I have also made Sadira the Sorcerer-Queen of Tyr, after constant battles between the council of Tyr, she took over. The ziggurat is gone, its bricks and stones used to rebuild the warrens and employ many...
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    D&D General 1991 Dark Sun Setting Overview and Speculation

    Yep, opportunities are abundant to create new lore in a new area that doesn't conflict with the Tyr region. Or perhaps by briefly re-touching/updating the Tyr region (a little fan-service). Maybe there is a foliage covered city covered in greenery and fantastic waterfalls on the South Eastern...
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    D&D General 1991 Dark Sun Setting Overview and Speculation

    Although I would love to have a Dark Sun reboot. However with the zeitgeist of the current era we live some of the core elements will either have to be removed or downplayed to a point that the feel of the setting will not be the same. But I am a Dark Sun originalist and really dislike most of...
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