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    Miniature Scale

    About 28/30mm miniatures: " What exactly do those sizes mean? (There seems to be some debate about whether the size means that's the measurement to eye level or the top of the mini.) " That is exactly why people call it 28/30mm. Many sculptors choose the eye level as the reference point. A...
  2. Kadmon

    Dark Sun Collector's Guide

    I've linked this article in my Dark Sun resource database: Dark Sun setting - Role-Playing Games Resources
  3. Kadmon

    What is the model scale for 25mm/28mm?

    For Twilight:2000 I'd also recommend 1:72 miniatures, especially as there are plenty of new insurgent and terrorist sets that can be used for ragtag militias, and both the figures and the vehicles are cheaper than others. It's also easy to find scenery for that scale. 1:16 is also useful if you...